Bethesda employee hypes fans for new DOOM or Wolfenstein in 2024

Bethesda employee hypes fans for new DOOM or Wolfenstein in 2024
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9th Jan 2024 14:59

The blood could be flowing in 2024, as hopes of a fan-favourite franchise returning to consoles and PC has our hearts pumping. When it comes to visceral violence, few series come close to topping the long-running DOOM and Wolfenstein. Thankfully, they both fall under the same umbrella at Bethesda.

When you tend to think of Bethesda games, you'll likely automatically leap to the likes of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, with 2023 adding Starfield to the mix. However, remember that the gaming overlord oversees plenty of smaller studios - each bringing their own ideas to the table.

Fingers crossed for new Doom or Wolfenstein in 2024

Eagle-eyed gamers have spotted an interesting LinkedIn post from Marcel Hatam, Senior Product Marketing Manager GSA at ZeniMax Germany. As ZeniMax is the parent company of Bethesda, it doesn't take much to join the dots. Hatam's 2024 playlist includes a "TBA game," so let the speculation begin.

The first choice would be MachineGames' Indiana Jones game, but being a massive AAA release, we'd expect to have heard by now if it was releasing in 2024. Still, with rumbles of MachineGames returning to Wolfenstein, this is a more likely option to add something to the dev's impressive catalogue. 

With it being four years since DOOM Eternal continued the impressive legacy of 2016's DOOM reboot, this is another hot contender. There's also the chance we're getting a brand-new IP, or what about a surprise return to Quake akin to last year's Quake II: Call of the Machine?

What about DOOM Year Zero?

Doom Eternal shooting Pinky
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You might remember the mythical name of DOOM Year Zero being thrown around in the FTC files pertaining to the Activision Blizzard acquisition. This had us hyped for a sequel to Eternal or a prequel presumably taking us back to the start of this nightmarish infestation, but sadly, nothing has come to pass.

DOOM recently celebrated its milestone 30th anniversary, and as THE game that helped popularise first-person shooters on consoles, the shape of the modern gaming landscape would look very different without it. Sadly, insiders have more recently claimed Year Zero is no longer in the works. 

Whether DOOM Year Zero was a placeholder or was actually planned for 2023 and has been lost in a horde of Cacodemons, we're ready for its comeback. Also, after the disappointment of Youngblood and Cyberpilot, it's about time B.J. Blazkowicz got back to kicking Nazi butt. 

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