New Wolfenstein game could be adding online multiplayer

New Wolfenstein game could be adding online multiplayer
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29th Nov 2023 16:18

There's plenty of connective tissue between the Call of Duty and Wolfenstein franchises, with both finding their feet as first-person shooters where you blast the living snot out of Nazis. Still, while one largely tries to bury itself in the history books, the other is a fictionalised account that's happy to tell its own story.

Following the resurgence of the Wolfenstein name with 2009's Wolfenstein, the series went from strength to strength with 2015's New Order and 2017's New Colossus. The experiments of Youngblood and Cyberpilot in 2019 weren't the hits they could've been, but there are high hopes for the mythical Wolfenstein 3

New Wolfenstein could include online multiplayer

Tech4Gamers (via the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit) spotted that Wolfenstein developer MachineGames is currently recruiting for a Network Programmer. The ideal candidate will have "knowledge and understanding of online matchmaking services," suggesting it's for some sort of online component. 

Unlike most people playing Call of Duty for its multiplayer, Wolfenstein is largely remembered for its brooding single-player campaign. Still, giving us a bit of Call of Duty-esque multiplayer could be a brilliant brainwave that lets us play the kind of brutal skirmish of Nazis vs allies that the CoDverse never dare do.

The Reddit post claims that Wolfenstein 3 has been confirmed as in development, but we'd like to point out that isn't the case at all. We know MachineGames is working on Bethesda's Indiana Jones game, and while there's been word of another project being in the works, it's not official. 

Wolfenstein tried online multiplayer before

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus gunplay
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Whether as co-op or standard multiplayer in the next Wolfenstein, the IP has tried this before in Youngblood. Taking the story beyond B.J. Blazkowicz to focus on his twin daughters, Youngblood was largely panned. Let's also remember that back in 2003, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory launched as a wholly multiplayer game. 

This isn't the first we've heard of an online Wolfenstein 3. In 2021, Exputer reported how MachineGames was hiring an AI Programmer - sparking hopes that this could bring an online component to Wolfenstein 3. Over two years later, we're seemingly no closer to knowing whether B.J. will be kicking more Third Reich butt. 

Even if nothing is officially in the pipeline, a full-blown Wolfenstein 3 is still top of many people's wishlist. Chuck in the fun of online multiplayer, and it could be the best entry yet. Then again, we could be completely off track here, with MachineGames recruiting for an online Indiana Jones component where you fight as Henry Jones Sr. and Short Round. 

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