Over the four Modern Warfare titles we've had so far, here are GGRecon's picks for the best Modern Warfare maps ever.

21:00, 11 Jul 2020

The Modern Warfare franchise has filled us with years of joy, dropping nukes in public matches and clutching up in Search and Destroy in those horribly toxic MW2 lobbies. Despite this years’ maps being criticised for their lack of creativity, and countless remasters, the nostalgic feel of the rustic maps from previous titles give us hope for future instalments. Looking back, we rank the best three maps from the Modern Warfare franchise, starting at CoD 4…

Call of Duty 4

#3 – Overgrown

The only map in the list to only get one remaster, probably due to its long-ranged meta that wouldn’t be compatible within the current format of Call of Duty gameplay. However, back in the day, Overgrown was a perfect quick scoping map with plenty of open lanes and open planes to pick players off, but with the potential to sneak around with an AR and drop players at will.

#2 – Shipment

No brainer here, Shipment is an SMG paradise and has been the success story of CoD 4. The smallest multiplayer map ever released has led to countless rages and incredible killstreaks over the years. Closely behind Rust as the 1v1 arena, Shipment was an incredible map and still is.

#1 – Crashed

Crashed has featured in many Modern Warfare games in the past, including the most current title, but nothing has come close to the original. Back in CoD 4 where you could bunny hop from rooftops to the top of the crashed plane in the middle, this map was a haven for snipers and AR players alike. A map which etched itself into Call of Duty folklore.


Modern Warfare 2

#3 – Favela

The top three was always going to be difficult, as MW2 didn’t have a bad map to its name. Favela pips countless maps to second place, although this is completely preferential. As a UMP45 lover, Favela was great to hop around and rack up the Pavelow, AC130, Nuke combination.

#2 – Terminal

Terminal and Highrise is a close call as to which was best, as you’d mostly be playing these on repeat. Terminal quickly ascended into a fan favourite with so many lanes of combat and a mixture of game styles available. There were so many glitches and secret spots to enjoy here, as well as a brilliantly put together map for all game modes. Maybe the second-best map throughout the whole franchise, and arguably CoD as whole.

#1 – Highrise

Obvious call. What a map. This doesn’t need validating. Enough said.

Modern Warfare Highrise 1024x576jpg

Modern Warfare 3

#3 – Village

MW3 had some awesome original maps that fit the gameplay well. Some great maps for the ARs and SMGs which seemed to take over from snipers. Village being one of them. The run-down African village was very fun to play and not the type of map we had seen before. Having great objective locations this was not only a great public match but worked well in tactical team games where you could hold down areas of the map with ARs and sneaky shotguns.

#2 – Hardhat

Hardhat made its presence well known in MW3. It was a rustic building-based map which allowed for frantic automatic gunplay, where patience and flanking would reap high rewards. As long as you resisted the temptation to go through the tunnel.

#1 – Dome

MW3’s finest was Dome. Anybody disagreeing is unfortunately wrong, and this tone was the arrogance needed to be successful on this map. It was a straight shooter and if you had the nerve to lock down the middle of the map, you would seldom struggle. The tendency to dive into the Dome with an SMG was many players’ downfall, but if you held the exits killstreaks were inevitable. Dome led to some great objective matches and deserves its place as the top pic.


Modern Warfare 2019

#3 – Hackney Yard

Not many original maps were made for Modern Warfare, and many of them didn’t go down very well. However, there are two stand-out maps, the first being Hackney Yard. One of few original maps which bring joy to most players. A small map with open lanes so both SMGs and ARs can slay, and good for objective games. Comes in third just ahead of Rammaza.

#2 – Gun Runner

Gun Runner, despite its many head glitches, is a joy to play on for all objective-based games and modes such as Search and Destroy. With many different routes and getaways, Gun Runner excels above other maps. SMGs and ARs both make a prominent feature with a mix of long lanes and tight rooms. A good all-round map.

#1 – Verdansk

Fooled you all if you thought there was going to be another multiplayer map included. Verdansk is arguably the best thing to happen to Modern Warfare and has been said to save the most recent Call of Duty from being a flop. Warzone has been the best mode to happen to Call of Duty in years and has contributed to the resurgence of the Call of Duty franchise as a whole.

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