Methodz Retires From Call of Duty Esports With Emotional Farewell Speech

Methodz Retires From Call of Duty Esports With Emotional Farewell Speech
Boston Breach

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Jack Marsh


6th Feb 2023 14:10

Call of Duty League professional and personality Anthony "Methodz" Zinni has announced his retirement from competing. He delivered an emotional farewell message live on stage during Boston Breach's Major II event.

The two-time CDL All-Star had been one of the biggest names in the scene after amassing a huge following in a ten-year career, having broken out as a 16-year-old wonderkid.

Having once been the youngest professional in the community during the Modern Warfare 3 era, Methodz has since gone on to complement a wealth of teams whilst earning MVP awards and championships along the way.

More importantly, Methodz has entertained Call of Duty fans for a decade with an infectious personality.

Methodz Retires From Call of Duty Esports

Known as "Chef Tony" or "Zinni" within the esports scene, Methodz announced that he will be retiring from Call of Duty immediately, as Boston Breach was eliminated from their event in 5-6th place. 

Coming on stage during Major II Championship Sunday, Methodz offered a heartfelt message in front of his team's fans and family in the crowd, before revealing that he will be leaving the esport in favour of content creation.

"This game changed my life. I was an overweight 15-year-old kid who felt like he had no purpose, then this game and community literally changed my life and gave me confidence," Methodz began. 

"I've been competing for over a decade - I was the youngest pro in the world at the time - and I can't think of a better way to go out than in the home crowd with you guys in front of me. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. It was the honour of a lifetime.

Methodz Set To Pursue Content Creation 

Having become one of the cornerstones within the community, not only because of his skill and accolades but because of his impact as a person, Methodz will now pivot into content creation. Here, he will likely join his best friend Seth "Scump" Abner in the retirement home high life.

As for Boston Breach, it's expected that another rising star will take Methodz's place in the starting lineup. British talent Ben "Beans" McMellon could be it, serving as one of the most highly-rated players in the Challengers scene and already being contracted to them as a sub.

Methodz bowed out with many, messages of support from fellow professionals and fans, and the future is bright for a content superstar in the making.

Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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