Battlefield 2042 Single-Player Campaign Teased By DICE

Battlefield 2042 Single-Player Campaign Teased By DICE

Written by 

Joseph Kime


4th Jul 2022 11:16

Crikey, are we still talking about this? For many, Battlefield 2042 fans and haters can agree in equal measure that the shooter is long dead. The game's 2021 launch was such a catastrophe, huge sums of players wrote off the entire franchise and migrated elsewhere to leave the game to decay. But EA doesn't seem so ready to let go.

It looks as though EA and DICE are seeing Battlefield 2042 through until the end (whenever that is, by official terms), and they'll keep adding content despite nobody being there to see it. Now, they're teasing a pretty substantial addition.

Does Battlefield 2042 Have A Single-Player Campaign?

DICE seems to have accidentally revealed that it's working on a Battlefield 2042 campaign. Remember, it was a mode that was notably stripped from the title in order to make room for the multiplayer mode (that failed anyway).

A new job listing for EA Seattle - which is looking for a new Design Director - has indicated that it's looking for someone who can lead the "design efforts necessary for creating a best-in-class single-player campaign experience."

You might assume that this could indicate a new game, but as DICE has said that it simply doesn't have the time and resources to focus on anything that isn't Battlefield 2042, it means that this job listing is surely in the direction of the existing game. It's a bizarre choice for Battlefield to adopt - because it's not likely to work.


Can Single-Player Save Battlefield 2042?

If a single-player mode wasn't important enough for EA and DICE to include in the first place, it's clear that they understand that players aren't interested in a single-player mode in a Battlefield game. So why exactly are they adding one at all?

Players are still burned by the abysmal launch, and when absolutely none of the draw to the franchise revolves around a campaign mode, it's concerning to envision that the single-player mode could actually do anything to help the game. It's a lot to bank on for EA, and it looks like they're floundering for ideas to keep the game from going entirely under. It's not going well, it would seem.

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