Battlefield 2042 Player Count Proves It's Dead In The Water

Battlefield 2042 Player Count Proves It's Dead In The Water
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Joseph Kime


10th Feb 2022 12:43

The news about Battlefield 2042 seems to go from bad to worse; if players aren't complaining about the lack of features, its bugs, and performances issues, and now it appears that things have got so bad a petition has fans demanding refunds.

What is clear is that the narrative around the game is all negative and that has meant Battlefield 2042 has hemorrhaged players since launch. The issue of a low player count has created a problem of its own, as would-be players are now claiming they can't even find a populated server.

Nobody Is Playing Battlefield 2042 (Kind Of)

Battlefield 2042 has now reached a player base that is so minimal, that players in some regions simply cannot find games to play in, meaning they can't enjoy the game even if they try.

Users on Reddit are beginning to notice that player numbers are dwindling to such a degree that they're struggling to play at all. One person has posted to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit to claim that they can't play multiplayer games in South Africa as a result of the lack of players in the region. Oof.

"The game is such a state that some players can hold an entire region hostage," the post reads. "For about the last week or so the only way to get a game in South Africa is to browse for games in Portal. It's pretty much first-come-first-serve."

They also report that the player hosting the server was also banning players for swearing and criticising them, so it's clear that Battlefield 2042 is in dire trouble if all that stands between a game's player base and the actual game is one person, unaffiliated with EA or DICE.

How Mamy People Are Actually Playing Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 Player Count Proves It's Dead In The Water
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It's hard to gauge exactly how far player numbers have fallen, but let's be honest - it can't be good.

And while EA is refusing to reveal the games' sales, there is plenty of evidence to back up the abject failure of Battlefield 2042.

On Twitch, at the time of writing, only 486 people are watching the game live, less than the streaming pull of The Simpsons Game, which came out in 2007. While SteamDB shows that previous titles, Battlefield V (2018) and Battlefield 1 (2016), regularly boast more players.

Specific numbers aside, the game is really struggling, and without a massive intervention from EA and DICE to make it more appealing to fans, Battlefield 2042 could sink even more, and even completely tank its franchise.

It's incredibly depressing to see a great of the FPS genre fall so far, so fast. Could this be the end for Battlefield 2042?


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