Athena And Rizzo Honoured With Touching In-Game Title

Athena And Rizzo Honoured With Touching In-Game Title
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Jack Marsh


26th Apr 2022 15:28

While the Rocket League community has been left to mourn the broken relationship of Vitality's Victor "Fairy Peak!" Locquet and Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant - a partnership of four years in-game - we have since been blessed with a new lease of love, as two of the most influential content creators in the scene have officially tied the knot.

Alejandra "Athena", content creator for Envy, and Dillon "Rizzo" Rizzo, an ex-professional player and two-time NA Regional Champion with G2 Esports, are Rocket League's power couple. The duo, who now often co-host watch parties and stream together amid Rizzo's retirement, have announced their engagement together following a holiday after the RLCS Winter Major in Los Angeles.

Now, Rocket League have honoured the pair with an awesome in-game reward.

Athena And Rizzo are Rockets Engages

Shortly after Rizzo crowned his other long-term partner in Jacob "JKnaps" Knapman as an international champion - a feat the pair came agonisingly close to on many occasions in their four-year stint at G2 - Rizzo revealed that he proposed to Athena on a holiday and the two are now planning their wedding together.

Before the two share their surname and other marriage commitments, Rocket League has now crowned them as "Rockets Engaged" through an in-game title that the two can sport together. Athena revealed the title on stream.

The limited title is exclusive to just Rizzo and Athena, although it may take some convincing for Rizzo to ditch his "Season 9 RLCS Champion" by-line.


It's not the first time that Rocket League and Athena have seen their relationship blossom, as the content creator was the first to have her own bundle released in the store. 

The Athena Bundle boasted six fresh items including an orange-painted Octane and the Titanium White Dueling Dragons Goal Explosion, two popular in-game items.

Athena also has her song "Eternal" used as in-game music, with Rocket League launching her bundle alongside the collaboration with the electronic music label, Monstercat!.

Now, she can sport the Envy decal, Rockets Engaged player banner, and jam out to her own voice, as she enjoys life as a fiance.


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