Fairy Peak! Pledges Mechanics Improvements After Vitality Benching

Fairy Peak! Pledges Mechanics Improvements After Vitality Benching
Team Vitality

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Jack Marsh


22nd Apr 2022 09:38

Love stories don't come much more heartbreaking than when there's a French connection, and over in Rocket League hearts have been shattered as one of the longest partnerships in history has séparée. After 1,189 days together, Victor "Fairy Peak!" Locquet has parted ways with his duo Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant by moving to the Team Vitality substitute bench.

The partnership first blossomed during the Rocket League Championship Series Season 3 back in 2017, where the pair won the European Regional and finished second at Worlds for Mock-it eSports, before their first love affair ended. With Kaydop off to GaleForce and Fairy Peak! sticking out with Mock-It, the two would keep a not-so long-distance friendship, and despite Kaydop winning the following World Championships in Season 4, they were reunited at Vitality in Season 6, re-sparking their French fondle. 

One World Championship trophy, three Regional Championship gold medals, and the stolen hearts of French Rocket League fans later, Fairy Peak! has now stepped down from the partnership, as Vitality announced the signing of ex-Williams Resolve player Andrea "Radosin" Radovanović.

Fairy Peak! Confirms He Will Not Retire From Rocket League

Fairy Peak and Kaydop Team Vitality
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After landing a career-low 12-14th finish in a Major Championship at during the RLCS 2021-22 Fall Split, Vitality felt fit for new blood to compliment Kaydop and Yanis "Alpha54" Champenois, leaving Fairy Peak! to spend the rest of the season on the sidelines. 

Despite being a seasoned veteran and seeing many of his old teammates like Philip "paschy90" Paschmeyer quit the competitive scene, Fairy Peak! has insisted now is not the time to retire, and has vowed to come back in the 2022-23 season, whether that is back with Vitality or, more likely, elsewhere.


Taking to Twitter, he said, "I don't intend to retire from the Pro scene. I'm going to continue to stream the next few months and resume competition for next season. I haven't said my last word."

The Season 7 World Champion also took to his stream and YouTube to elaborate on the changes, admitting that Vitality needed a change, although it could have been any of the three members. 

Now, he's pledged to use this downtime to improve on his mechanics in order to earn a spot back on a professional roster for next season. According to rough translations via Google, Fairy Peak! also admitted that he would prefer a fully-French roster in the future and that his mechanics will help keep him up to date with the current Rocket League meta. 

Having formed quite the formidable bond with Kaydop, the two remain on good terms following his benching. "One way or another, I'm sure we will meet again on the pitch. It s been always a pleasure to play with you," Kaydop said on Twitter.

For Fairy Peak! bringing his already fantastic mechanics into the modern game will likely mean a shift in tempo and speed, having already shown his skills in both the pro scene and 1v1 community where mechanics are invaluable. Now, he will aim to rejuvenate for next season, and if his cryptic hints are to be believed, only his contract situation stopped him from already finding a new home.

Nous aimons Fairy Peak!, À bientôt.


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