Apex Legends’ new Promotional Trials has a major rat problem

Apex Legends’ new Promotional Trials has a major rat problem
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Jack Marsh


6th Nov 2023 16:44

Apex Legends' new Promotional Trials were brought into play to finally sort out the very disproportionate Ranked distribution, where it seemed anyone and everyone could get to Masters.

The new system requires players to complete challenges before they are promoted to the next level, which increases in difficulty as they go up the ladder.

However, fans are now claiming that this new system is only encouraging more "rats" and is doing the adverse of what it was intended to do.

Apex Legends Promotional Trials accused of making gameplay "ratty"

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With many of the Trials designed to make sure only the best of the best at each rank can advance to the next division, players have found that this is encouraging more "rats" who focus more on placement than getting kills.

Taking to a popular post on Reddit, one player has claimed that the Trials are forcing players underground to avoid taking on gunfights, even as clear favourites, to try for a better placement.

"Ratting and avoiding fights has always been an issue in ranked, but with the promotional trials requiring multiple top 5s or wins to rank up it's encouraging this behaviour exponentially more," they said.

Ratting has been a huge problem in recent months for Apex Legends, as the previous Ranked balance - or imbalance - saw players ditch weapons to "rat" their way into the final standing points and complete no-gun runs to Masters.

Apex Legends players are blaming Promotional Trials for 'ruining' Ranked games

Taking to the popular post on Reddit, one player has claimed that players are getting "stuck" behind these Trials and are therefore adopting a "passive" and "selfish" playstyle that ruins teammates' games.

"As more and more people get stuck in the promotional trials it’s going to lead to extremely passive behaviour across the board — everybody playing selfishly and trying to get their top 5 rather than playing as a team or working together. And it’s ruining the quality of the game even more," they said.

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