Apex Legends Lobby Sizes Might Finally Be Increasing

Apex Legends Lobby Sizes Might Finally Be Increasing
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Joseph Kime


22nd Dec 2021 10:09

Apex Legends may stand out in the battle royale space, but it's always lagged in one regard. Respawn Entertainment's game is highly competitive, super fast-paced and peppered with enough Hero-Shooter elements to really set itself apart and garner its own identity. But, the one thing it has been sorely lacking for many is a big player limit.

Regular games of the battle royale house up to 80 players in total, making Apex Legends a little more manageable for intense firefights - but when competing with the huge numbers of Warzone and Fortnite, it doesn't quite match up. But that could be all about to change.

Are Apex Legends Lobby Sizes Increasing?

Apex Legends Lobby Sizes Might Finally Be Increasing
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Popular Apex Legends dataminer Garret has come forward to suggest that the game's lobby sizes could be on the up. As it turns out, the game's files have suggested that lobbies could be going up by 20 players - raising the total capacity from 80 to 100. But, the caveat is, this will not be the case in public matches... only private ones.

The detail was revealed in a now-deleted YouTube video (potentially confirming the news further), and it flies slightly in the face of Respawn's own suggestions that raising the player cap once again would change the gameplay of Apex Legends entirely.

Why Are Respawning Buffing Private Lobbies?

There's every chance that private lobbies are getting a bonus buff as more and more often, gamers are taking to private matches for their own tournaments. YouTubers and Streamers have recently been playing team deathmatches and other games with their viewers, so this could be to accommodate for matches like this.

Of course, there are calls for Respawn to go one step further and offer players tools to make their own game modes too. Even if the lobby increase works in Apex's favour, added customisation could still be a long way off.

Either way, this is still a nice touch that's bound to make some games much easier. Let your 99 Apex Legends mates know that it's time for a deathmatch.


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