Apex Legends cookbook lets you cook up a storm with Pathfinder

Apex Legends cookbook lets you cook up a storm with Pathfinder
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Alex Garton


23rd Aug 2023 21:15

When the majority of FPS fans think about Apex Legends, they picture the iconic characters, abilities, and brilliant weapons that make the gameplay so fun.

Very few would ever think about food, but that hasn't stopped Respawn from giving the green light to an official Apex Legends cookbook.

While certainly an unexpected decision, it's garnered a massive amount of excitement from the community who are desperate to start cooking up Outlands-inspired recipes.

With delicious creations courtesy of Pathfinder, Mirage, Bloodhound, and more, the book is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any hardcore Apex fan.

Apex Legends cookbook is available to pre-order

As showcased by popular Apex Legends YouTuber Bobz, the official Apex Legends cookbook is now available to pre-order.

In terms of lore, the Apex Legends cookbook has been written by Pathfinder and features a set of brilliant recipes that are all inspired by the Outlands.

These include the Supply Box Sandwich, the Behemoth Burger, and the Stim-Ulating Mint Milkshake, just to name a few. Importantly, they all feature extremely easy and clear instructions to follow.

It's hard to know how tasty these recipes are just yet, but based on the pictures, they look incredible. While the food is unlikely to Michelin-star standard, it's perfect for any Apex fans who want to spice up their meals with some new Outlands-inspired ideas.

How much is the Apex Legends cookbook?

Apex Legends cookbook
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The Apex Legends cookbook is available to pre-order now on Amazon and is set to release on October 17, 2023. In terms of price, the Apex cookbook costs £21.75 with a discount, but it's possible that price goes up after the pre-order window.

So, if you're getting bored of your meals after your long Apex Legends sessions, this could be the perfect solution. Even if the recipes won't improve your Ranked performance, they'll at least guarantee you some succulent meals between your BR matches.

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