Apex Legends Aim Assist clip sends FPS fans into a frenzy

Apex Legends Aim Assist clip sends FPS fans into a frenzy
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22nd May 2023 17:35

It's a debate as old as time itself, but either side of the aim assist argy-bargy is becoming increasingly impatient at the excuses. As FPS games like Apex Legends continue to tailor for an audience that is growing older and has less time to play, it seems the advantageous controller setting is gaining power.

Aim assist is a tool designed to specifically help players who use controllers, with the analogue sticks being harder to control than a mouse. Now though, aim assist has been cranked up to an all-time high, and a recent clip has sent the FPS community into a frenzy.

Apex Legends aim assist clip infuriates FPS fans

In Call of Duty, the aim assist is higher than ever, with professionals even calling for the setting to be toned down as the skill gap tightens. But at the elite stage, mouse and keyboard play isn't too common, unless you're in Warzone, where the debate is at its rifest.

Over on Apex Legends, the game is split between MnK and controller players, and there's no doubt that aim assist is a definitive factor between finding success and becoming a deathbox. One fan shared a clip on Twitter that highlights how powerful aim assist is in Apex Legends, and it offers perfect precision on their enemy.

The player's test showcased an aim-bot-like level of precision, hitting every single bullet on their dodging target, proving how cranked-up the setting is now.

Fans are hating on Apex Legends' aim assist clip

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"It’s ridiculous, the problem is only GOOD PLAYERS admit it. Bad players say things like 'it's fine,' or 'My aim assist doesn't do that'," said one fan on Twitter.

Others claimed that this wasn't aim assist, but a Cronus cheat, only to be debunked by the clip's owner - who showcased the footage with a hand-cam. "So this is why everyone is afraid of MnK. If they switch they lose their precious Aim Assist," added another fan.

The Apex Legends community has always been in favour of toning aim assist down, but with the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty also ramping their settings up, it might become a huge problem for players in the coming months. If only there was a game coming out with minimal aim assist... *cough XDefiant cough.*

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