Gamerdoc will support the Vanguard team at Riot Games.

12:36, 15 Sep 2020

VALORANT developer Riot Games have hired the creator of the Twitter account @AntiCheatPD and anti-cheat advocate Mohamed “Gamerdoc” Al-Sharifi, to their Vanguard team.

In the last couple of years, Gamerdoc had contributed to a sizeable number of cheaters being banned in Overwatch and eventually in VALORANT, reviewing footage, infiltrating online cheating groups and building an anti-cheat community to increase the number of eyes on the issue.

In an interview with GGRecon in July 2020, Gamerdoc explained his methods and goals as such: “My goal is to remove the automated process to ban in a cheater. That's my goal here. It doesn't matter if it's a high profile over a low profile cheater, what I'm trying to do is to bring back live game moderation and I'm also trying to build an anti-cheats community.”

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Gamerdoc has been a controversial figure in the esports scene, accusing G2 Esports VALORANT player Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks of cheating and match-fixing which Riot Games later cleared him for. Previously, he had threatened Blizzard Entertainment to release the source code of their game Overwatch as well as the code base of cheat programs to the public if the developer didn’t give more attention to improving their anti-cheat efforts.

The announcement was positively received by the community, with several esports personalities and pro players congratulating Gamerdoc on his new job.

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Image via Riot Games

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