Amouranth Is Taking An 'Indefinite' Break From Streaming

Amouranth Is Taking An 'Indefinite' Break From Streaming
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20th Oct 2022 13:52

This week has seen some pretty grim reveals in the world of Twitch. During a livestream it was revealed by Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa that she has actually had a husband this whole time. Worse than this, the Twitch superstar claimed she's suffering abuse from him, as he forces her to stream and maintains control over her finances.

It was incredibly sad news to see, and recent days have continued with the streamer revealing that she and her husband are separated, while she has regained control of her finances. And now, it looks like she's ready to leave streaming behind... for now.

Amouranth Is Taking A Big Break From Streaming

In the wake of shocking allegations she was forced to stream by her husband, Amouranth has confirmed that she's stepping away from online content creation for the foreseeable future.

Siragusa posted a picture of herself to Twitter, along with the caption "Taking a break, not sure when I'll be back." This isn't much of a surprise given the circumstances around the streamer, with her saying that the infamous hot tub streams that helped to make her popular weren't entirely her idea. 

Amouranth reiterates to her critics that she pressured into doing more salacious streams by her mystery husband, who claimed that they would be a good financial decision while she wasn't keen on engaging with them. After saying that he'd also threatened to kill her dogs, and reportedly having had multiple police visits since this all came out, it's clearly been a stressful time for Amouranth.


Twitter Reacts To Amouranth Taking A Break

Fans and other streamers alike have taken to Amouranth's replies to express their understanding for her break, and offering her plenty of love and support. Twitch star karljacbos wrote, "Was rly good meetin ya at twitch con! Enjoy ur break :D is well earned!" Valkyrae added, "Take all the time you need<3 !!!" and triciaisabirdy said. "You deserve the world! Lots of people will be cheering you on and waiting for your return if you want to."


Despite there still being sceptics, It's nice to see the Twitch community rally behind Amouranth after she has silently suffered for so long. Sorry, haters - looks like you're going to have to find a new punching bag for the time being.

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