Activision set to introduce Call of Duty’s first ever $35 bundle

Activision set to introduce Call of Duty’s first ever $35 bundle
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Jack Marsh


9th Feb 2024 17:55

The microtransaction game in Call of Duty looks set to reach its most devastating state yet, as leaks suggest the most expensive bundle ever is on the way.

Collaborations such as The Boys and The Walking Dead have seen Operator skins and weapon blueprints reach ludicrous prices, but this is all about to be left in the dust.

According to leaks, we're set to get a Weapon Vault priced at a Call of Duty record, available in both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

Leakers reveal Call of Duty's first-ever $35 bundle

The Gassed Up Weapon Vault bundle is reportedly coming to Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone in the near future, where players will get three Blueprints for the WSP weapon family (WSP-9, WSP Swarm, and WSP Stinger).

All three WSP variants in the Vault are leaked to have green tracer rounds and will harness the effects of Nova 6 gas to also add death animations to those enemies who succumb to its bullets.

The bundle will reportedly include the usual dribble of charms, stickers, and XP tokens, which are rarely noticed by fans and are just there as filler rewards. According to the leaks, the Gassed Up Weapon Vault will be priced at 3400 CoD points, which would earn it a Call of Duty record.

Call of Duty skins get an all-time high bundle

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Previously, Call of Duty bundles reached a high of 3000 CP, which could only be achieved by spending $30 (2000 CP at $19.99 and 1000 CP at $9.99).

Now, this 3400 CP equates to roughly $35 worth of CoD Points, taking the price to the halfway mark of the full price of Modern Warfare 3 - and even that is on a free sale at the moment.

You can save $5 by getting the bigger CoD points bundle, meaning that you can lower it to roughly $30, but following sales on MW3, the fact this still sits higher than half the price of the full game is a truly baffling situation for the CoDverse to find itself in. 

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