Call of Duty players flame ‘cringe’ Rick Grimes Operator audio lines

Call of Duty players flame ‘cringe’ Rick Grimes Operator audio lines
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Jack Marsh


9th Feb 2024 16:00

Rick Grimes and his The Walking Dead partner Michonne have already made quite the imprint on the Call of Duty community, having been released as Operators as part of Season 2 in Modern Warfare 3.

The duo, who have become acclimatised to eluding death's cold and vice-like grip, have had their unfortunate path to CoD reanimate the dead in multiplayer via Hordepoint. But Grimes' entrance into the arcade shooter series hasn't been all too well, as his in-game slaying is far outperforming his personality slaying.

MW3 fans hate the Rick Grimes Operator

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In a now-deleted Reddit post, Call of Duty fans have been tearing into The Walking Dead character, whose "cringe" voice lines are too much to handle.

The post, titled, "Who tf did they get to voice Rick," targeted a range of voice lines said by Grimes in-game, which have become on par with Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dog on the pie-chart of annoyance.

"This is the thing I was most excited about for the Rick skin [-] his gritty voice lines in-game," said one fan, adding, "and then we get this s**t ahahaha." Another said, "This is honestly so cringe. I've watched [The] Walking Dead a ton and this is nothing like him."

Some players are actively boycotting the bundle after being hyped to buy it, with another popular comment reading, "Honestly makes me not even wanna use him lol that’s embarrassing." Unlike Negan and his baseball bat, this one sounds like a swing and a miss for the CoDverse.

Modern Warfare 3 fans convinced Rick Grimes has switched voice actors

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With the "cringe" and "goofy" voice lines, players are now debating whether Andrew Lincoln actually got hands-on with the crossover or if an "intern" did it.

"I think they used the office intern to record these lines," said one fan, after another questioned the legitimacy of Grimes' voice. "They didn't bother getting the Lilith voice actor for a skin from a game that their parent company owns, how tf they gonna get Andrew Lincoln," concluded someone else. 

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Others hypothesised that these lines were cut from the series rather than re-recorded, similar to what CoD did with the Rambo Operator in Vanguard.

Activision has had many successful skin launches in the past, collaborating with the biggest celebrities to add audio quips, with the likes of Keith David (Spawn), Kevin Durant, and most recently Antony Starr (Homelander) all being involved with their skin creations. Sadly, The Walking Dead crossover feels a little 'dead.'

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