Microsoft Reportedly Offers Sony 10 Years Of Call of Duty On PlayStation

Microsoft Reportedly Offers Sony 10 Years Of Call of Duty On PlayStation
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Jack Marsh


22nd Nov 2022 12:04

The latest twist in a long and dreary saga of Microsoft's acquisition of Activision has finally injected some hope into PlayStation and Call of Duty fans alike.

At the heart of the takeover deal is the Call of Duty franchise, which has become the catalyst for a string of investigations amid fears of a gaming monopolisation.  

But, with more and more governing bodies looking to intervene, Microsoft might've plugged all of the concerns by offering Sony an entire decade of Call of Duty action. 

What Is Microsoft's Latest Call Of Duty Offer?

Amid the concerns that Microsoft will want to make Call of Duty Xbox exclusive, outrage on PlayStation's behalf ensued as Microsoft initially offered an "inadequate" three-year deal

However, Microsoft has reportedly backpedalled on its stance - offering Sony a new deal that will see Call of Duty stay on PlayStation for the next ten years. 

According to the New York Times, Microsoft has offered Sony a 10-year deal, which comes shortly after Head of Xbox Phil Spencer claimed he also wants to see Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch too.

Sony Reportedly Considering 10-Year Call of Duty Deal

The New York Times continues to say that Sony has not yet declined (nor accepted) the updated deal, which would come into play after the current partnership ends in 2024.

A further ten years of Call of Duty would take the deal over to 2034. In the same time span going backwards, Activision has produced the entire Black Ops series, three battle royales, and remastered two iconic games.

Sony might hold out until the investigations take a deeper probe into Microsoft's deal, although another decade of the franchise is quite a significant period of time.

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