A new gun is coming to VALORANT for the first time in four years

A new gun is coming to VALORANT for the first time in four years
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Megan Cooke


6th Jan 2024 22:26

While the introduction of a new gun in an FPS may not sound like the biggest deal, this is certainly not the case when it comes to VALORANT.

Riot’s popular first-person shooter is getting its first new gun in almost four years, and it looks like it’s going to be very powerful.

A new gun is coming to VALORANT after four years

A new sniper rifle is coming to VALORANT as part of Episode 8 Act 1 after four years of no new guns being added to the game.

The gun is called the Outlaw, a double-barreled sniper with the power to two-shot enemies from a body shot and fire twice in quick succession without having to zoom out.

As well as this, the reload time for the gun will vary depending on how many shots have been fired

Game Designers Nick Smith and Sal Garozzo, stated, “The Shorty served as a bit of an inspiration in that regard, allowing us to reimagine that paradigm in a new context with a Sniper rifle.”

The Outlaw costs 2400 credits, making it a fair bit more expensive than the Marshal sniper rifle but still cheaper than the pricey Operator.

Alongside the release of the gun, an Outlaw Throwback bundle is expected to be sold for approximately 2320 VP, which will include two skins (the Prism Outlaw skin and the Ego Outlaw skin) with three variants each.

The bundle will not include any unique animations or VFX for the skins, however an Outlaw title, playercard and spray do seem to be included.

The Outlaw, alongside VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1, will be available to on 10 January.

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