100 Thieves' 'Project X' Confirmed To Be A Shooter By Nadeshot

100 Thieves' 'Project X' Confirmed To Be A Shooter By Nadeshot
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17th Jun 2022 11:13

Following the flops of Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042, there's a wide space in the industry for shooter titles that can rival the Call of Duty franchise and their upcoming Modern Warfare 2 title. While Dr Disrespect has already vowed that his Midnight Studios are working on a battle royale, 100 Thieves' "Project X" stayed elusive as to which genre the streamer-based game will be launched within.

With some people expecting the 100 Thieves to follow a sort of Among Us party vibe where streamers can collaborate together with ease and variety, it's also been speculated that the organisation's Call of Duty roots will also play a role in the development.

With Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag having been arguably CoD's most influential figure of the early competitive years, it's no surprise that the 100T founder has now been the one to finally confirm that their game will fall under the shooter genre.

Nadeshot Lets Slip That Project X Is A Shooter Game

Having unveiled Project X back in May - the name of the title has yet to have been announced and henceforth sits in its codename - Nadeshot has now pulled in the help of game developer Pete Hawley. The industry mogul has worked on titles like Burnout Paradise, Little Big Planet, and Fable, and will now spearhead the development of Project X.

Revealing this news on social media, Nadeshot also slipped in, with the last breath of the video, that Hawley and the 100 Thieves team are "building a shooter", confirming the genre.

Nadeshot also indicated that he would like input on "headshot audio", earlier in the sit-down, which added more fuel to the fire.


Project X To Be Built On Unreal Engine 5

As to the development of Project X, the 100 Thieves trio of Nadeshot, Hawley, and John Robinson also announced that the game will be running on Unreal Engine 5 - the Epic Games-owned engine that also hosts Fortnite, Avowed (to be released), and Kingdom of Hearts

"It's just become best in class for just about everything. The more it's been in development over the last 25 years, the more awesome it's become," said Hawley.

Unreal Engine 5 has recently stunned the world with its immense realism, as shots of a built train station couldn't be differentiated from real-life images. 

With Project X now confirmed to be a shooter on Unreal Engine 5, fans are beginning to generate some hype as to what 100 Thieves can make.

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