Dr Disrespect Claims His AAA Title Looks Better Than Modern Warfare 2

Dr Disrespect Claims His AAA Title Looks Better Than Modern Warfare 2
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Jack Marsh


16th Jun 2022 10:27

He might be best known for his dynamic YouTube streams and questionable attire, but Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV isn't just a screaming Warzone sniper. In fact, his Call of Duty background stems back to the Advanced Warfare era when he was a Map Designer for Sledgehammer Games, creating some of the most iconic landscapes in the franchise's history. Now, he and a wealth of storied designers are well underway in making an upcoming FPS title under Midnight Society, and Doc has already claimed it's better than Modern Warfare 2.

Midnight Society has poached some of the best FPS designers around, snapping up Call of Duty and Halo veterans Robert Bowling and Quinn DelHoyo, as they intend to "fuel innovation in the shooter genre" with a battle royale codenamed "Project Moon".

Following the Campaign reveal of Modern Warfare 2, Dr Disrespect has now claimed that his AAA title "looks better" than Call of Duty's next instalment, branding it as "unimpressive". 

Dr Disrespect Is Underwhelmed By 'Unimpressive' Modern Warfare 2 

Modern Warfare's campaign reveal showcased players operating on the level "Dark Water", and it's safe to say that Dr Disrespect was not pleased.

Speaking on stream following the reveal, Doc said, "I’d like to talk about the reveal, unimpressive. I think they’re just going to have to knock it out of the park with Modern Warfare II [multiplayer] gameplay. I was not impressed."

"You talk about looking at an engine that’s really on its last legs, that engine feels outdated," he added.

It's not all hopeless for Modern Warfare 2 though, as Doc admitted that the multiplayer reveal could claw back the hype if they "knock it out of the park."


Dr Disrespect Claims Project Moon Is Better Than Modern Warfare 2

In comparison to the Campaign reveal, Dr Disrespect was adamant that nothing he saw would live up to Project Moon.

"I could take a screenshot of our game right now, in-engine, and I don’t think anything from there [MWII reveal] could match that screenshot," he claimed. 

Earlier this year, Midnight Society's AAA FPS title was revealed to be a battle royale built in Unreal Engine 5, a software that is arguably more advanced than that of IW 4.0 (Infinity Ward's own engine exclusive to the Call of Duty franchise). 

While no gameplay has yet to be shown for Project Moon, it's clear that Dr Disrespect is more than happy that the game is heading in the right direction, even if his beloved Call of Duty is not.

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