Syntech Steam Deck dock review: Nearly everything you'll need

Syntech Steam Deck dock review: Nearly everything you'll need
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Harry Boulton


1st May 2023 15:32

I love my Steam Deck. It's a feeling that many other owners of Valve's vastly popular handheld will also share, and a big part of why that feeling exists comes from the device's flexibility. Of course, its primary function is always going to be its use as a standalone console, but using other accessories can really make the Steam Deck somehow even better.

That's where the Syntech 6-in-1 Steam Deck dock comes in - allowing you to throw the Steam Deck onto any HDMI-compatible screen, alongside a selection of other previously inaccessible ports.

While a dock for your Steam Deck isn't necessarily something you're always going to want to be using, we would argue that it is an essential accessory to have if you've got the device. But is Syntech's offering the right one for you? Find out more in our full review below.

GGRecon Verdict

The Syntech Steam Deck dock does exactly what you need it to on a basic level perfectly. Its ports offer seamless compatibility, with the right amount for almost everyone. Furthermore, it allows you to connect your Deck up to any display and output at 4K 60fps which is great to see work so seamlessly.

However, it would have been appreciated to see Syntech offer something different in a competitive market, and thus there is little reason for anyone who already has a dock to replace their existing product with this.

Ports galore

Image of the ports available in the Syntech Steam Deck dock
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One of the biggest reasons why anyone would want a Steam Deck dock is the extra ports that it will give you access to - and this is somewhere that the Syntech dock certainly shines.

You get three USB 3.0 access points, HDMI 2.0, USB C 3.0 for power delivery, and even a Gigabit Ethernet port to ensure the highest speeds.

I did find at times that some of the ports nearest where your Steam Deck will sit could be quite tricky to access though - and while this could easily be solved by just lifting the Deck off the dock, it added an extra step if I was fiddling around with things.

Furthermore, while I might not necessarily expect it at the price point of $49.99/£36.99 it is missing a more standout feature like an M.2 slot that could help it properly distinguish itself from the other options on the market.

Regardless though, there are the right amount of ports within this dock to complete pretty much everything that you'll need - with most users needing little more than USBs for a mouse, keyboard, and hard drive, and then a display output.

With this, you could easily turn your Steam Deck into a desktop computer to save some money if you're a student or can't afford a full home solution. The desktop mode on the Steam Deck is more than capable of browsing the web or word processing, so if that's all you need then this dock could save you a significant investment.

Dazzling display

Photo of the Steam Deck sat on the Syntech dock
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Outside of the ports, the most important thing you need a dock to do is output your Steam Deck onto a larger display, which Syntech has achieved with ease here. As mentioned, the included display output is HDMI 2.0, meaning that it is capable of outputting 4K at 60fps.

Of course, you should not be expecting your Deck to play many games at this resolution and frame rate, but it can work excellently when playing old games and is essential to avoid any blurriness on a high-resolution TV or monitor.

There are some other docks that we have tried that have had problems when trying to output at 4K or even at all, so it was such a relief to use the Syntech where it is as simple as just plugging your cable and setting the desired resolution.

The Verdict

Overall, the Syntech 6-in-1 Steam Deck dock will be perfect for you if you're just looking to connect your device to another screen or use any of the additional ports. Everything works perfectly with relative ease, and it is built well enough to ensure the safety of your Deck.

However, it doesn't really do much to stand out among similar competition - especially at a slightly higher price point than the average. You are guaranteed stability with this Syntech dock, but it would have been good to have seen them do something new with the standard design.


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