LucidSound LS25BK Wired Stereo Esports Headset Review: 'Exceeded All Expectations'

LucidSound LS25BK Wired Stereo Esports Headset Review: 'Exceeded All Expectations'

Written by 

Mel Ramsay


25th May 2022 14:21

If you're keen on getting a new headset, love competitive gaming, but also don't want to break the bank, there are plenty of options on the market. However, when we saw that LucidSound had brought out a reasonably priced esports-focused headset, we had to try it.

The LucidSound LS25BK Wired Stereo eSports Headset (yes, they've formatted it as 'eSports' which hurts my soul, but let's pretend it didn't happen) retails at $79.99/£~65.

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The price itself is certainly a selling point, with some esports-specific headsets priced at over $100, so LucidSound is definitely off to a win by being a cheaper headset. As we all know, price does not equal quality, and a cheaper headset isn't indicative of how well they'll perform. 

How Good Is The LucidSound LS25BK Headset?

After testing them out for a while when gaming, on work calls, and speaking to friends on Discord, I can say with confidence that I was pleasantly surprised. I had absolutely zero problems with setup, and using them was easy and comfortable. 

It was kind of like popping on your favourite pair of slippers - they do the job without being flashy, there's no extra bells and whistles, they just work well. 

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Yes, there's no fancy retractable boom arm, but the microphone sounds clear and crisp when you're having conversations with fellow players or friends. It takes a little bit of getting used to if you've become familiar with being able to mute the mic by lifting it up, as the LucidSound LS25BK is instead equipped with a flexible boom mic. 

An interesting point is that the mic itself is removable, so if you're a fan of mobile gaming you can use the integrated mic instead of the boom mic. 

If you do choose to use the boom mic, it has an optional windsock. The purpose being that it reduces noise in competitive esports environments, but it works just as well in a busy office. 

One nice feature is that the outer ring is rotatable for quick-access volume and mute controls. 

What Are The Specifications For The Headset?

If you're the kind of person who likes the nitty-gritty details, here's the headset's specifications. Firstly, it's compatible with: macOS, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mobile, and PC.

It also has mic monitoring, that allows you to hear your own voice while talking. This means you know exactly how loud you're talking, which can be helpful when you're chatting with friends or in a competitive game.  

The headset comes with two cables: a PC splitter cable, and a 1.2M 3.5mm cable for mobile and laptops. In regards to how it feels, there's a flexible headrail (so you can adjust to the size of your head, of course), as well as solid metal touchpoints for strength, durability and, according to LucidSound itself 'a premium feel'. 

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The rest of the specs are as follows:

Characteristic SPL 

97 +/-3dB

Headset Inputs


Mobile Connectivity 


Sound Space

Stereo, Surround Sound using Dolby Atmos, Surround Sound using Windows Sonic


318g / 11.2oz

Microphone Type 

Uni-directional with LED mute indicator + windsock

PC Connectivity 


Would We Recommend The LucidSound LS25BK?

Absolutely. If you want a reliable headset that's reasonably priced, as well as inclusive of features that make using them an enjoyable experience, they should be high on your list for your next headset. The way it looks is unassuming, not too big, but sturdy enough to ensure you know you've got your money's worth. 

You can check out the headset on LucidSound's website here


Headset provided by LucidSound for the purpose of review. 

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