What is Solace City in Apex Legends Season 15?

What is Solace City in Apex Legends Season 15?

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7th Nov 2022 10:34

Have you heard about Solace City in Apex Legends? Apex Legends may be a fantastic battle royale shooter, with tight mechanics, skill-expressive movement and insanely satisfying gameplay but there’s so much more lore outside of the Ring. All of this lore builds into the game itself, be it in the form of new legends, maps or weapons, Apex’s extensive storytelling directly links into the Titanfall universe. Here's everything we know about Solace City in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 15: The Planet Of Solace

Solace is a place that’s constantly referenced within the game's lore, particularly in the comics and stories Respawn puts out about the game and its forever-expanding universe. Solace is one of the planets within The Frontier, which is known as the deepest region of explored space where most of humanity now lives. Solace is a place of lawlessness and offers a great deal of freedom to the inhabitants that lived there.

The most prominent exposure players get to Solace is actually on King’s Canyon. The original map from all the way back when the game launched takes place on Solace, being transformed from an IMC military base to the arena it is now. Many players previously believed that the newest map for Season 15, Broken Moon, also was hosted on the planet of Solace, but since then it’s been revealed to be on a planet all on its own. 

Solace is the home of multiple agents, including Gibraltar, Wattson, Revenant, Mirage, Newcastle and Apex Mobile Legends Rhapsody and Fade.

Solace houses the town of Little Mouse which is the home of Gibraltar’s family since Solace was first colonized as a planet. Eelhead Bay also is located on Solace, which is the hometown of the electric defence legend Wattson. 

Apex Legends Season 15: Solace City

Solace City is one of the largest cities within Solace, positioned right near the coast of the Nostos Ocean. It’s considered to be one of the main hub cities for the Apex Games as well as one of the most populated cities on the planet. Mirage also calls this city his home and runs his own bar there called the Paradise Lounge. 

Caustic also has ties to Solace City, as it was supposed to be his testing grounds for his gas before Wattson convinced him otherwise, as shown in this comic.

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It’s yet to see what will happen to Solace City in the future, but as it currently stands in Season 15 there doesn’t seem to be any current plans to have the city intertwined further within the story of Apex Legends.

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