Vanguard Season 4 Zombies Release Date, Map, Easter Eggs

Vanguard Season 4 Zombies Release Date, Map, Easter Eggs
Sledgehammer Games

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Jack Marsh


17th Jun 2022 10:56

Round-based maps and Easter eggs are finally here with the Call of Duty Vanguard Season 4 Zombies release date, after a dismal opening to the undead series in this Call of Duty instalment. Despite Treyarch's efforts to give Sledgehammer a severed hand of help, the current Zombies mode has failed to live up to expectations and has since been dubbed as the worst game for Zombies yet. However, that is about to change. With Vanguard Season 4 comes round-based Zombies, and a very familiar map blessed with Easter eggs for all to enjoy. So, let's sink our teeth into the flesh of the Vanguard Season 4 Zombies release date, map, and Easter eggs...


Vanguard Season 4 Zombies Release Date

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The upcoming Zombies map will come as part of the Vanguard Season 4 update, which will also see huge modifications to Caldera, a brand-new Warzone map, and several fresh multiplayer landscapes - including the remaster of USS Texas from World War II

Sledgehammer Games' grand roll out for the Vanguard Season 4 update will be June 22, where Zombies will finally come alive again in their title. 

Vanguard Season 4 Zombies Map: Shi No Numa

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Thirteen years after being released in the World at War era, Shi No Numa has been remastered for Vanguard. The four-laned zombies map that centres around a barn will be rolling back the years with classic traps and typically exhilarating hoards of flesh-eaters, while sprinkling in elements of the modern-day experience.

The Wunderwaffe will be basking in all of its glory once again, while updated escape routes will help you scoot across the Swamp of Death and collect those perks from each corner of the map.


Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Eggs 

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Although Vanguard is a Sledgehammer Games title, it's really Treyarch that have been behind the Vanguard Zombies update, and in typical fashion, the mode will be littered with Easter eggs. 

So far, the developers have only teased us with "new quests" that will help earn in-game rewards and to unlock the wonder weapon, although the Season 4 blog does allude to more secrets waiting to be uncovered in the swamp.

Shi No Numa is back in the Vanguard Season 4 zombies update, and when the release date comes, here's to hoping the massive rotating blender trap will also be there, adding true nostalgia to a timeless classic.

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