How to win using a Covert Exfil in Warzone

How to win using a Covert Exfil in Warzone
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15th Jan 2024 10:41


With the introduction of Covert Exfils, being the last squad standing isn't the only way to win in Warzone any longer.

Winning using a Covert Exfil might not be as honourable as a conventional Warzone victory, but it still counts! Let's review the game's new secondary win condition and how it all works.

What is a Covert Exfil?

A Covert Exfil is a brand-new way to win Warzone. Taking from the popular extraction mode, DMZ, using a Covert Exfil calls in a helicopter to escort you and your squad out of the match, but other players can steal your Covert Exfil, too. If you make it out alive, you'll win via Covert Exfil.

Escaping a match of Warzone by using a Covert Exfil doesn't count as a traditional victory, but you'll receive credit in the form of a different leaderboard stat. Furthermore, the match doesn't end when a squad leaves this way, so don't worry about the fun being spoiled for the players who opt to stick around and battle it out.

Ghost and company extracting in Warzone
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How to get a Covert Exfil in Warzone

You can purchase Covert Exfils from Buy Stations, but they cost an exorbitant amount of Cash. On top of that, there are only five Covert Exfils stocked per match, and once the Gulag closes, they're pulled from the shelves. If you want a Covert Exfil, you'll need to save Cash early and visit a Buy Station before inventory runs dry!

Once you have a Covert Exfil ready, call it in wherever and whenever you please - just be careful and stay alert for enemy players plotting to interfere with your early departure.

Why would anyone use a Covert Exfil?

So, what's the point of a Covert Exfil? The primary reason to call in a Covert Exfil is if you're in possession of a Weapon Case.

New in Season 1 Reloaded, every match of Warzone features a single Weapon Case. If you grab this Weapon Case, your location will be marked for everyone to see, making you a prime target. So, rather than fight until the bitter end with a bullseye on your back, you can call in a Covert Exfil and exit intact with your loot.

A Weapon Case in Warzone
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Weapon Cases contain exclusive rewards, so there's an incentive to do anything to escape with the goods, even if that means using a Covert Exfil and getting out before the match is truly over. 

That's the jist of Covert Exfils in Warzone. While the idea of leaving early in a battle royale is certainly different, they're a great way to escape with Weapon Cases. If the thought of players evacuating prematurely bothers you, keep an eye out for helicopters and foil their Covert Exfil!

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