Warzone Best TEC-9 Loadouts And Attachments

Warzone Best TEC-9 Loadouts And Attachments
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13th Aug 2021 16:30

The Warzone best TEC-9 loadouts quickly became some of the hottest in in the SMG meta, when it was added in Cold War Season Five. There is usually some sort of overpowering issue when a new weapon is added to Warzoneand the TEC-9 certainly carried on that tradition, even after a small nerf. Want to get the most out of this killer SMG? Read on for our Warzone best TEC-9 loadouts and attachments, and how to unlock the gun in the first place. 

Warzone Best TEC-9 Loadouts: How To Unlock The TEC-9

Warzone best TEC-9 loadouts: How to unlock it
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Often displayed by Operator, Kitsune, the TEC-9 SMG is an extremely close quarters demon, much akin to the Nail Gun, although with slightly more range and a quicker fire rate. Unless you unlocked the TEC-9 when working through the Season Five battle pass, you'll need to complete a challenge to unlock it now. Using SMGs, get two headshot kills in 15 different completed matches. This might take a while in Warzone's main battle royale mode, so jump into Rebirth Island or Plunder to wrack up some kills. If you own Cold War, however, you can complete the challenge in its multiplayer, which will be far quicker. 

Warzone Best TEC-9 Loadouts: Automatic Shredder

Warzone best TEC-9 loadouts: Automatic Shredder
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This Warzone best TEC-9 loadout boasts quite a heavy punch and is certainly a pick for the meta. The turn and burn gun will be key to getting out of some sticky situations, acting almost like a get out of jail free card when those aggressive monsters get hungry for kills. For another SMG that will tear through ammo and enemies alike, check out our Warzone best Fennec loadouts.

  • Muzzle: Full Auto Repeater
  • Barrel: 4.9" Task Force
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Ammunition: STANAG 48 Round

Warzone Best TEC-9 Loadouts: Burst And Thirst

Warzone best TEC-9 loadouts: Burst and Thirst
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The TEC-9 is a weapon that can be used either semi-auto, in a three-round burst or fully automatic - it makes the small weapon a very versatile one. This class shows just how useful the weapon can be in its three-round burst form. This is a loadout that’ll make the most out of the short bursts of fire, and maintain a good range, ammo capacity and recoil. For a similarly built weapon with longer range, check out our Warzone best AUG loadouts. The  TEC-9 has a lot of different abilities, but this makes the most of its capabilities as a gun that you can pull out of your pocket and score some mid-to-long range kills with.

  • Muzzle: Burst Fire Repeater
  • Barrel: 7.3” Reinforced Heavy
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip
  • Laser: Mounted Flashlight
  • Ammunition: 36 RND

Warzone Best TEC-9 Loadouts: Perks And Equipment

Warzone best TEC-9 loadouts: Perks & equipment
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As a very fast-paced weapon, you'll want to optimise utility through your perks and equipment and add a bit of flair to your usual technique.

  • Perks: Double Time, Overkill, Combat Scout
  • Secondary: EM2 assault rifle 
  • Equipment: Throwing Knife and Stun Grenade

Double Time will be key to repositioning and avoiding having to chain kills together, which allows for ample time to armour up before getting back into the action. A quick throwing knife will help with this too, giving ample opportunity to thirst your kills before reloading. Combat Scout is the new must-have on your loadout, pretty much giving you wallhacks, acting as a snapshot grenade on each bullet.

Paired with a long-range weapon like the Warzone best EM2 loadouts, the Warzone best TEC-9 loadouts will be a solid platform to build upon for players looking to get better at late-game engagements and when holding down buildings. With a bit of good movement, this versatile weapon will be a banker for the SMG category. 

Now you know all of the best Warzone TEC-9 loadouts, why don't you experiment with some of our Warzone best SMGs.


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