How To Carry Three Weapons In Warzone 2

How To Carry Three Weapons In Warzone 2
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28th Nov 2022 09:49

Did you know that you can carry three weapons in Warzone 2? With the overhaul to Warzone 2.0's Inventory System and an appropriately sized Backpack, it's now possible to store extra Armour Plates, equipment, and weapons. So, if you want to traverse Al Mazrah with an entire armoury at your fingertips, keep reading to find out how to carry three weapons in Warzone 2.

How To Carry Three Weapons In Warzone 2

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To carry three weapons in Warzone 2, you must first secure a Medium or Large Backpack. When searching for these high-capacity Backpacks, we recommend checking out the Warzone 2 best landing spots or taking a trip to the Warzone 2 Strongholds and Warzone 2 Black Sites.

How To Stash A Third Weapon In Warzone 2

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While you can stockpile three weapons in Warzone 2, you can only carry two on your person at a time. The third weapon has to be stowed away in your Backpack.

To stow away a third weapon in Warzone 2, you must already have two weapons equipped. After that, find another gun you want to add to your arsenal and hover over it. Now instead of equipping it, select the option "Hold to Stow".

Just like that, the third weapon will materialise in your Backpack. Any time you want to swap, open your Backpack, and you can switch between your three weapons at will. And this process only takes seconds!

Best Three-Weapon Combos In Warzone 2

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When deciding what three weapons to keep by your side on Al Mazrah, consider equipping and stowing a combination of the MW2 meta weapons. As for the category of weapon, an Assault Rifle, SMG, and Sniper Rifle will have you prepared for engagements at all ranges.

Alternatively, consider using your two favourite weapons, then stowing away a Launcher or Riot Shield as your third weapon. While these tools are frowned upon by many in the community, there's no denying their usefulness. And with the ability to carry three weapons in Warzone 2, stashing away one of these powerful pieces of equipment comes with no downsides.

Knowing how to carry three weapons in Warzone 2 can offer a serious advantage. Find a Medium or Large Backpack, then use the extra inventory space to stow a third weapon.

Refer to the MW2 weapon tier list when deciding which weapons to prioritise in Warzone 2.

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