Release Date For Warzone 2 'Confirmed' Following Internal Leak

Release Date For Warzone 2 'Confirmed' Following Internal Leak
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Joseph Kime


16th Aug 2022 21:02

Call of Duty Warzone has been in a bit of a peculiar place for the last few months. Ever since the announcement that a new Warzone was on the way was made, the game has felt like it's in something of a limbo.

Warzone hasn't been dedicated to big events because there's a new game coming along, and with people growing bored of the game, there aren't any big events. As anticipation for the new game rises, player numbers on the first fall. Thanks to a new leak, we know that we don't have to wait much longer.

What Is The Warzone 2 Release Date?

A new leak has appeared online that finally confirms the release date of the long-awaited Warzone 2 from the Call of Duty universe. The leak comes in the form of an internal document that has been shared on the Classic WoW subreddit.


The comms unveil the release dates of Warzone 2 along with some other Blizzard content. The game is set for release on November 16, leaving only a few weeks between it and Modern Warfare 2, as well as only being a few weeks away. The game originally wasn't expected to launch this year, however, Infinity Ward confirmed it as gospel.

"Fans everywhere can look forward to a new Warzone 2.0 experience releasing this year," said a statement. "The evolution in Battle Royale with a brand-new play space. Expect a massive calendar of free content post-launch featuring evolving gameplay with new maps, modes, seasonal events, community celebrations, and more." Looks like we won't be cutting around Caldera much longer.

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