Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Oedipus Puzzle Solution

Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Oedipus Puzzle Solution
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19th May 2022 16:00

The Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Oedipus Puzzle is an essential part of a chapter in which Leysha is trying to find Dr. Richard. Compared to other puzzles in VTM Swansong, Oedipus is quite difficult because of the depth of interpretation applied to the hints in order to figure the solution out. Since it is part of the main story, ignoring it is not an option. So if you want a hand in solving the mystery behind the VTM Swansong Oedipus puzzle here is where you will find the clues and what you must do to pass through this challenge.

What Is The Swansong Oedipus Puzzle?

VTM Swansong Oedipus Puzzle asks players to find the right position for four swans
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In Scene 7, you are controlling Leysha who, in order to find Dr. Richard, went to his Red Salon. To do so, you get access to the facility’s lower level and find two rooms that are unquestionably used by the doctor. The VTM Swansong Oedipus Puzzle is composed of four swans that can be rotated and you will come upon it inevitably since it is the subsequent challenge after you've solved the VTM Swansong Freud Books puzzle.

Both are part of a security system used to open a door that once you get through it the story will progress. Keep in mind that you can’t go back to previous rooms after that so you should complete any side content before opening the door.

How To Find The Swansong Oedipus Puzzle Solution

VTM Swansong Oedipus Puzzle can be solved by analyzing the paintings
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If you want some hints on how you solve the VTM Swansong Oedipus Puzzle, the first clue you can find is in the room where the swans are. On a small table, you can find a voice recorder. Play the Tape nº 7 to listen to Dr. Richard speaking for a brief period of time before being interrupted. After that, you listen to him walking to the bookcase and pulling Freud's book as you had already done. But, if you keep listening to the audio, a song will play, giving you the first clue you needed: you must organize the swans in a specific manner that, once you activate the mechanism, will play that song.

The next step is to figure out the correct direction each swan must be facing. The first piece of information that can help you with that can be found in the room adjacent to Dr. Richard’s Office. In the computer where you read the solution for the previous puzzle, there is also a paragraph saying “Thus, the origin myth of Oedipus will show the way to a solution to the one who can interpret it…”

So as expected your main clue to solving this puzzle is Oedipus’ story. Now, if you go back to the first room, there are four paintings portraying passages of the tragedy of Oedipus. Pay attention to the name above them, since they point to some crucial clues. Find the correlation between them and the four swans to solve the puzzle.


VTM Swansong Oedipus Puzzle Solution

VTM Swansong Oedipus Puzzle gives an important on the computer
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If you are not interested in learning how to solve the puzzle, here is exactly what you need to do. The swans must be facing the same direction the hands of Oedipus are in each painting. From left to right, the swans must face: left, lower left, down, and lower right. Position them following this order and activate the mechanism to open the door behind it.

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