Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Freud Books Puzzle Solution

Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Freud Books Puzzle Solution
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19th May 2022 16:00

The VTM Swansong Freud Books puzzle needs to be solved so you can progress with the main story. VTM Swansong has puzzles reminiscent of the ones found in old games and this one is no different. As part of a mission in which you must access a secret area in a facility, you must discover where the entrance is and how to open it. Read this guide to learn where you can find the solutions for the VTM Swansong Freud Books puzzle and how to solve it if you are looking for a quick answer.

What Is The Swansong Freud Books Puzzle?

VTM Swansong Freud Books is a puzzle about find the right order to interact with the items
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The VTM Swansong Freud Books is one of the puzzles you need to solve in Scene 7. You are playing as Leysha who is looking for Dr. Richard in his Red Salon. By talking to some staff members, you learn he may be in his office in the lower part of the facility. Once you get there, you can find two rooms: the first is Richard’s office while the other seems like a small library.

You may still follow one of our VTM Swansong tips and explore the other rooms in this area, but there are no signs whatsoever of the doctor. However, exploration and attentiveness will help discover how to complete your mission.

How To Find The Swansong Freud Books Solution

VTM Swansong Freud Books - Find your first clue in the voice recorder
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The first clue you have about where Richard is comes from a voice recorder you can find in the second room. By playing the Tape nº 7, you will listen to him talking for a brief period of time and then being interrupted by someone. Right after it, all you can hear is the sound of someone interacting with what seems to be some type of lock. Although little can be said of what is happening in the recording, one thing is clear: Richard was in this room before going somewhere using what is already clear to be a secret passage. So your next step must be to find it.

By exploring this room, you will inevitably stumble upon a set of books on which the spine is written: “Dr. Sigmund Freud” and the numbers from one to five. Now you know you can pull these. Even so, you still need to figure out the order they must be interacted with or if there is anything else related to that. Since you won’t find anything else useful in this room, the best option you have now is to look in his office and see if you can find the next clue you need.


In Richard’s office, it's not difficult to find what you need. One of the few elements in the room that you can interact with is his computer where you can read the “Observations on The Interpretation of Dreams”. To anyone familiar with Freud’s work, this already is a red flag that there is something there. In case you are not, just read what is written and you may find the clue you need. Once you have figured out what is important in this text, you can complete the mission.

Swansong Freud Books Puzzle Solution

VTM Swansong Freud Books - Examine The Computer
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If you are not interested in going through the process of finding the clues, there is no problem. On Richard’s computer, it says that he was advised to read Freud’s book in a specific order but he doesn’t agree with the first volume. So, the sequence of books that must be pulled is 5, 3, and 4. The bookcase will move and now you must deal with the VTM Swansong Oedipus puzzle.


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