VALORANT Oni Skinline: All New Skins, Price & Release Date

VALORANT Oni Skinline: All New Skins, Price & Release Date
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27th Feb 2023 17:00

Riot Games has revealed a first look at the extension to the popular Oni skinline collection in VALORANT. The Oni skinline began way back in 2020, and has quickly become a fan favourite aesthetic among VALORANT's most seasoned players. Now, Riot is treating players to a bunch more skins with the same visual style. Here's everything you need to know about the new Oni skinline collection in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2.

VALORANT Oni Skinline: What's Included?

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Here is a list of every new weapon included in the brand-new Oni skinline collection for VALORANT:

  • Onimaru Kunitsuna (Oni Katana melee) 
  • Oni Vandal
  • Oni Bulldog
  • Oni Ares
  • Oni Frenzy
  • Oni Card
  • Oni Spray
  • Oni Gun Buddy

In addition to these skins, there are a bunch of different levels that players can purchase to make these skins really pop in the arena. Here's what you can expect from each level:

  • Oni Guns
    • Level 1 - Custom Gun Model 
    • Level 2 - Custom Firing Audio and Muzzle Flash
    • Level 3 - Custom VFX and Audio on equip, reload, and idle
    • Level 4 - Finisher and Kill Banner
    • Variant 1 - Gold/Black
    • Variant 2 - Pink/Mint
    • Variant 3 - Blue/White
  • Oni Katana Melee (Onimaru Kunitsuna)
    • Level 1 - Custom Model
    • Level 2 - Custom animation/VFX/audio on run, inspect, equip, and swipes (this is a brand-new Katana and does not share any elements with the RGX Katana)
    • Variant 1 - Gold/Black
    • Variant 2 - Pink/Mint
    • Variant 3 - Blue/White

VALORANT Oni Skinline: Price And Release Date

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If you're looking to get your hands on the new VALORANT Oni skinline, then you'll have to fork out a bit of cash. As this is one of the more premium skinline collections in VALORANT, it will set players back around 7100 VP. That comes in at the £90 tier in the UK, unless you already have some VP left over from another bundle purchase.

Players can purchase the new Oni skinline collection when VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 begins on March 7.

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