VALORANT Deadlock Agent: Abilities, release date & all we know

VALORANT Deadlock Agent: Abilities, release date & all we know
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Harry Boulton


25th Jun 2023 05:30


The new VALORANT Agent Deadlock has finally been revealed, and we've got all of the abilities you to look over, alongside the release date so you can be fully prepped. Each new Agent in VALORANT's ever-expanding repertoire brings something new to the game, and you never know when the next meta-defining character will arrive in the game.

Deadlock, as the name suggests, puts a focus on locking down certain areas of the map, with an array of traps to give your team intel and put the enemy in disadvantageous situations.

Ready to dive right in? Check out the rest of this guide below to find out everything we know so far about Deadlock in VALORANT, including all of her abilities and release date.

What are Deadlock's abilities in VALORANT?

Image of Deadlock's Annihilation ability in VALORANT
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Here is a full list of the abilities you'll be able to use when playing as the new Agent Deadlock in VALORANT:

Ability Effect
GravNet (C) Equips a GravNet grenade. The GravNet detonates upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within its blade to crouch and move slowly.
Sonic Sensor (Q) Equips a Sonic Sensor. The sensor monitors an area for enemies making sounds. The area becomes concussed if footsteps, weapons fire, or significant noises are detected.
Barrier Mesh (E) Equips a Barrier Mesh. Upon landing, the disc generates barriers from the origin point that block character movement.
Annihilation (X) Equip a Nanowire Accelerator. Unleashes a pulse of nanowires that capture the first enemy contacted. The cocooned enemy is pulled along a nanowire path and will die if they are not freed and reach the end.

As you can see, these abilities look to be really strong for locking down areas of the map and controlling enemy movement. Any adept Deadlock will likely be the mastermind behind a team's success in VALORANT, so you'd better watch out for her pesky tools.

What is the Deadlock release date in VALORANT?

Image of Deadlock in VALORANT
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VALORANT's new Agent Deadlock is scheduled for release on June 27, 2023, which coincides with the start of Episode 7 Act I. You will be able to pick up and enjoy her exciting new abilities from this point onwards, but it might be a couple of weeks until we truly get a sense of how strong she is overall, and where she falls within the VALORANT meta.

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All Agent Gear for Deadlock in VALORANT

Image of Deadlock's Sonic Sensor ability in VALORANT
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Here is a list of the Agent Gear that you will be able to unlock alongside the release of Deadlock within VALORANT:

  • Tier 1: Cyber Oak, Spray
  • Tier 2: VALORANT Deadlock, Player Card
  • Tier 3: Wired, Title
  • Tier 4: Crossed Wires, Spray
  • Tier 5: Kingdom Credits
  • Tier 6: Nanowire Cartridge, Gun Buddy
  • Tier 7: Deadlock Spray, Spray
  • Tier 8: StĂ„ljeger, Title
  • Tier 9: Into the Vault, Player Card
  • Tier 10: Resolution, Gun Skin (Classic)

So, that's everything that we know so far about the new Agent Deadlock in VALORANT, but it is up to the community now to decide where she falls within the power rankings.

Make sure to check out our VALORANT homepage for more news and guides on your favourite competitive FPS title, as we've got plenty for you to look over.

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