VALORANT Champions 2022: Where To Watch

VALORANT Champions 2022: Where To Watch
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5th Sep 2022 15:39

Are you wondering how and where to watch the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament? VALORANT has to be one of the most popular tactical shooters in contemporary gaming. With Riot’s backing, it has become an absolute monolith of a title drawing in a huge esports following.  VALORANT Champions has recently begun and will run from September 2nd til September 18th. This tournament will bring in the best teams from all the different regions of VALORANT to determine who’s the best. With such an exciting event going on, people have been asking where can they catch all the action. So, here's where to watch the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament.

VALORANT Champions 2022: Where To Watch

The two places viewers can watch VALORANT Champions are Twitch and YouTube. Alongside just viewing, fans will be able to link their VALORANT account to either platform to receive drops. These include a spray, a title, and a player card. 

Alongside this, Riot has released a list of the official co-streamers including both Tenz and AverageJonas, both prolific figures in the NA Valorant community. You can find the full list of co-streamers in the image below.

Valorant Watch Party
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Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Champions 2022: Schedule

Valorant Champions Group Stage will run from August 31st until the 8th of September. You can find the schedule below:

Group Stage: August 31 – September 8

Date Time
Wednesday Aug 31st 22:00 GMT+8
Thursday Sep 1st  20:00 GMT+8
Friday Sep 2nd 20:00 GMT+8
Saturday Sep 3rd 20:00 GMT+8
Sunday Sep 4th 20:00 GMT+8
Monday Sep 5th 22:00 GMT+8
Tuesday Sep 6th Dark Day
Wednesday Sep 7th 22:00 GMT+8
Thursday Sep 8th 22:00 GMT+8

Playoffs: September 10-18

Date Time
Friday Sep 9th 22:00 GMT+8
Saturday Sep 10th 22:00 GMT+8
Sunday Sep 11th 22:00 GMT+8
Monday Sep 12th 22:00 GMT+8
Tuesday Sep 13th 22:00 GMT+8
Wednesday Sep 14th & Thursday Sep 15th Dark Days
Friday Sep 16th 22:00 GMT+8 Semifinals
Saturday Sep 17th 22:00 GMT+8 Lower Finals
Sunday Sep 18th 22:00 GMT+8 Grand Finals

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