How to unlock Shikai in Type Soul

How to unlock Shikai in Type Soul
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7th Jul 2023 16:49

Unlocking your Shikai is a key part of getting stronger in Type Soul, as it gives you access to a new set of powers that you can use across all of the different types.

Type Soul lets you become a Soul Reaper in this Roblox game, taking heavy inspiration from the wildly popular Bleach anime. Any fans of the show or anime in general will love this game, as it gives you plenty of exciting powers to use in a wide range of exciting action scenarios.

So, make sure to continue reading to find out how to unlock Shikai in Type Soul, alongside a complete list of every single Shikai type in the game.

How to get Shikai

Unfortunately, getting your hands on Shikai in Type Soul is a rather arduous endeavour, but we've got all of the steps you'll need to take below:

  • Get your hands on a Zanpakuto by following the Soul Reaper path in-game.
  • Level up until you reach the Grade 2 stage.
  • Meditate three separate times for 20 minutes each, reaching one hour of meditation in total.
  • This should unlock the Shikai quest, in which you will need to defeat your Shikai.

Completing this fight will earn you your very own Shikai, but if you fail you will need to wait an hour until you are able to try again.

How to use Shikai

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Once you've followed the steps above and got your hands on your very own Shikai, all you need to do to use it is by pressing the J key while your sword is drawn. This will activate the power, allowing you to gain another element in each fight you now take on.

All available Shikai types

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Here is a full list of the available Shikai that you can use in Type Soul:

  • Berserk Shikai
  • Blood Shikai
  • Confusion Shikai
  • Flame Shikai
  • Ice Shikai
  • Ink Shikai
  • Light Shikai
  • Shadow Shikai
  • Water Shikai
  • Wind Shikai

So, that is everything you need to know about Shikai in Type Soul, showing you how to unlock and use the powers, alongside a full list of every type in the game.

If you're after more guides, make sure to check out our Roblox homepage as we've got so much there for you to look over and enjoy.

Harry is a Guides Writer at GGRecon, having completed a Masters of Research degree in Film Studies. Previously a freelance writer for PCGamesN, The Loadout, and Red Bull Gaming, he loves playing a wide variety of games from the Souls series to JRPGs, Counter-Strike, and EA FC. When not playing or writing about games and hardware, you're likely to find him watching football or listening to Madonna and Kate Bush.

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