5 tips and tricks to help win matches in THE FINALS beta playtest

5 tips and tricks to help win matches in THE FINALS beta playtest
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Joshua Boyles


9th Mar 2023 16:53

If you're jumping into THE FINALS beta playtest over the next couple of weeks, then you may be looking for some helpful tips and tricks to help you win matches. THE FINALS isn't quite like other multiplayer games and features some interesting twists on classic game modes.

Combine that with some impressive level destruction capabilities, and playing this game can take a bit of adjustment. So, keep reading to learn all about the tips and tricks we've picked up so far while playing THE FINALS beta playtest.

THE FINALS tips: Juggle the deposits

The Finals Tips
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You should know by now that winning in THE FINALS is all about collecting cash deposits. However, when you pick up one of these cash-filled boxes, you leave yourself open to attack from opposing enemies.

When transporting a Deposit Box, it's best practice to get used to juggling it while walking. If you continuously throw the Deposit Box in the direction that you're walking, it reduces the amount of time it takes to bring up your weapon. This means you have a much higher chance of winning a gunfight.

Don't worry too much if you accidentally throw a Deposit Box off the edge of the map, which can happen a lot if you're playing on the Seoul location. If the cash falls off the edge, it will retrace its steps along the blue light trail, so you'll be able to pick it back up again in no time.

Another small tip is that the Deposit Box can actually deal a small amount of damage to enemies if thrown at them. If you are caught with your pants down, it might be worth throwing the Deposit Box into an enemy's face to distract them while also giving you time to pull out a weapon.

THE FINALS tips: Use your environment

The Finals Tips
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This leads me directly to my next tip for THE FINALS beta playtest, which is to use your environment as much as possible. THE FINALS differs from other shooters in that much of the environment around you is interactable.

Scattered across the maps, you will find several colour-coded canisters. These can be picked up and thrown at either enemies or walls to achieve the desired effect. Of course, red canisters will explode shortly after impact or when you shoot them. Green canisters will emit a poisonous gas cloud that harms enemies.

Don't just use these canisters to attack enemies, either. Firing an explosive canister at a wall can open up a new path for you to get the jump on some enemies. You have to think creatively in THE FINALS, as that's what can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

In addition, there are also numerous buttons and elevators that can be interacted with on the maps. These can raise or lower barriers, or even open certain doors that provide additional cover. You'll eventually learn where these buttons are as you play more of the maps, but it's worth keeping an eye out for them.

THE FINALS tips: Spend respawn tokens wisely

The Finals Tips
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There are actually a few tactics to think about when it comes to respawning in THE FINALS beta playtest. If it's one tip that you take away from this guide, let it be this one - don't always look to respawn immediately.

At the start of a match, you're awarded two respawn tokens to use. In the event of your death, these can be used to respawn immediately to get back into the fight. However, these must be used wisely.

You don't have to spend a respawn token to get back into the action. Teammates can revive you from your dropped action figure, which will bring you back for free to the same location where you died. In addition, you will all respawn at the same time and location as each other if you wait for a full team wipe.

When dead, it's best to assess whether it's actually worth spending that respawn token to come back. If your team is looking like they're going to lose the team fight regardless of whether you respawn immediately, don't spend a token.

Instead, these tokens should be saved for the endgame fights where coming back to assist your teammates will mean the difference between a win and a loss.

THE FINALS tips: Look out for action figures

The Finals tips
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Speaking of respawning, you may have spotted a few tiny action figures of other players sitting on the floor while cutting about the maps in a hurry. These are signifiers of downed players and are what enemies can interact with to bring their teammates back into the fray.

As such, if you spot one of these little action figures, it's worth sticking around for a short while to see if another player comes to revive them. If you manage to get the jump on them, you will not only prevent a player from getting revived but may be able to put the rest of their team out of action too.

In a game that's all about keeping the competition at bay, ensuring that enemies have to fight their way back to the Deposit Boxes and Cashout Stations is a solid game plan.

THE FINALS tips: Don't always go for the Deposit Boxes

The Finals Tips
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When first loading up into a match of THE FINALS beta playtest, it can be incredibly enticing to go straight for a Deposit Box location. However, this isn't the only viable plan of attack.

Ultimately, all that matters in a match of THE FINALS is that you cash out with the most amount of money at the end of a round. In theory, that means all you need to do is intercept a Cashout Station at the very end of a deposit to reap all of the rewards.

While most teams will likely head straight to a Deposit Box to claim it as their own, there's nothing stopping you from camping out at a Cashout Station to lie in wait for an unsuspecting team to do the hard work for you.

Just be sure to claim the Cashout Station for yourself when the enemy team doesn't have a chance to take it back for themselves, and you should be golden. It may be seen as camping, but that's the game, baby. There's no honour among thieves.

That's it for our primer on beginner tips and tricks for THE FINALS beta playtest. For more THE FINALS guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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