How to unlock Ranked in THE FINALS & ranking system explained

How to unlock Ranked in THE FINALS & ranking system explained
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Now that THE FINALS is firmly here to stay, we're here to break down how you can unlock the Ranked modes along with details on all the ranks and how to climb them easily.

THE FINALS sees teams of three face off in objective-based game modes that emphasise creative play, movement, lots of destruction, and some luck thanks to random events. The ranked mode is where the best of the best in the game employ their skills in these areas, so you may want to learn how the whole system works compared to other titles.

How to unlock Ranked Tournament mode in THE FINALS

To unlock the ranked modes in THE FINALS, you're going to have to play at least 60 rounds before you can get access to Ranked Tournaments. While that may seem like a steep number, it means that by the time you reach it, you'll be well-versed in the game.

We imagine the reason this number is somewhat high is that it is to ensure that you are going to be a reliable player for the ranked tournaments. You don't have to win the matches you play, as long as you complete them, you can qualify.

What are THE FINALS ranked tournaments?

The competitive mode in THE FINALS features tournaments, with three knockout rounds that culminate in a final game

A tournament is made up of 48 players divided into 16 teams, and each knockout round halves the total amount of teams, leaving only two left in the final.


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The ranked system in THE FINALS is similar to many multiplayer shooters, with players being placed into defined ranks, called 'Leagues'

The five Leagues are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Each League also contains four tiers to work through sequentially. So, for example, you can be placed in Bronze 2, and then by playing you can rank up into Bronze 1 and then Silver 4.

You can see your exact rank and progress by clicking 'Leagues' on the main menu. I also found the global leaderboards and the rewards section here.

How to rank up in THE FINALS

To get ranks in THE FINALS, you will earn Fame Points (FP), which you gain naturally from playing the ranked mode, You need a set number of FP to level up into a new tier or rank. 

You also gain more FP the better you do, so getting to later knockout rounds or winning a tournament will allow you to gain the most.

That's our full explainer of the different aspects of THE FINALS' ranked system, including tournaments, individual ranks, and Fame Points. 

Be sure to check out our THE FINALS homepage for more guides, where we've also covered the weapon tier list, all the trophies and achievements you can unlock and the best builds for all sizes.

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