How to change your name in THE FINALS

How to change your name in THE FINALS
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Tarran Stockton


30th Oct 2023 16:15

If you've been playing THE FINALS recently, you'll likely want to change your name, as the default names are chosen for you when creating an Embark account - and if you're like me, you prefer to use your own display name. 

THE FINALS is an upcoming multiplayer FPS game set in a world where you are a participant in a combat-based game show. If you've seen the game, you'll notice similarities to the Battlefield series with the classes, verticality, and unprecedented destruction of the environment. 

Don't settle for a random name when playing though, and instead check out how to change your name in THE FINALS.

How to change your display name

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To change your name in THE FINALS, you'll need to head to your Embark Games profile, as it cannot be changed in the game itself. Check out all the steps below:

  • Visit your Embark profile page
  • Select the 'Profile' tab on the left side
  • Find 'Display Name' and click the 'Edit' button to the right
  • Input a new name 
  • Press 'Save'
  • Select 'I understand - continue' from the pop-up that appears

If you performed the above steps successfully, your new name should appear, followed by a four-digit number to identify your account.

It's worth noting that you can change your name in THE FINALS every ten minutes, meaning you can swap it out every time you finish a match should you wish. You're also limited to 16 characters.

That's our full breakdown of how to change your name in THE FINALS, and now you can freely change your default name in the game to something better.

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