Sifu Detective Board: How To Find Every Detective Board Collectible

Sifu Detective Board: How To Find Every Detective Board Collectible
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The Sifu Detective Board is a show of your determination for revenge.

Sifu allows you to collect various bits of information on your targets, along with keys which can drastically change your route across each of the five levels. But how do you find each of these items and where exactly are they located?

Luckily, we've put in the work to mark down each item location across every level in the game, so you can fill out your Sifu Detective Board in no time. 

  • You'll still need to do a whole load of fighting, so be sure you are equipped with the best Sifu skills

Sifu Detective Board: The Squats

Sifu Detective Board: The Squats
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The Squats is the first up on your Sifu Detective Board, and holds 17 collectible items, including two sets of keys. We'll mark these down in the order you should come across them. 

Avenue Door/ Skull Letter

Sifu Detective Board: Avenue Door
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Once you have taken out the first two guards and entered the building, go through the open doorway to the left. You will see the Avenue Door which is currently locked. By approaching it, you will be able to collect a small Skull Letter, which confirms that it is well and truly locked. And to count the door itself, just interact with it, trying to get it open.




Sifu Detective Board: Addict on a couch.
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For this Sifu Detective Board collectible, instead of heading towards the Avenue Door, climb up the wall as you walk into the building, and you will notice someone passed out on the couch. When you approach them, you will be given a prompt to interact, and it will earn you the Addicts collectible. 

Purple Mist

Sifu Detective Board: Purple Mist
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After passing the Addicts collectible, ascend a couple of floors, before you need to make a jump across to another building. You will land in a room full of bunk beds and few thugs to take down. On the left there is a kitchen where you will find the Purple Mist Sifu Detective Board collectible. 


Sifu Detective Board: Bills found next to a couch.
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The Bills collectible can be found after you jump through the rooftop to face one of the bigger Juggernauts for the first time, where you will be taught how to throw an enemy. The Bills can be found on a desk next to a couch, and the Juggernaut collectible will be accounted for by defeating him. 

Club Flyer

Sifu Detective Board: Club Flyer
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The Club Flyer collectible can be found soon after you collect the Bills. After dropping down an elevator shaft, you will enter a room full of enemies. Once you've defeated the lot of them, head over to a table in the corner of the room, which has piles of money on top. You will find the Club Flyer sitting at the end of the table. 

Metal Gate/Bunch Of Keys/Skull Brothers

Sifu Detective Board:  Skull brothers.
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The Meta Gate will come immediately after the Club Flyer encounter once you've left the room. Head up to the gate at the end of the hall and try to interact with it. It will be locked. Then go through the door to your left where you will encounter the Skull Brothers which counts as its own collectible. Once you've taken them out, you will be rewarded with a Bunch Of Keys. These keys can also be used for the Avenue Door, on your next run. 

Purple Flower

Sifu Detective Board: Purple Flower
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You'll have to head into the drug warehouse to collect the Purple Flower, but you'll have to go through this area even if you take the shortcut, so it's impossible to bypass. This is the biggest fight before you encounter Fajar. Once you have beaten everyone up, on one of the tables towards the exit, you'll notice a tray of purple flowers. Approach it and collect your Purple Flower Sifu Detective Board collectible. 

Keycard 206/Private Room Door

Sifu Detective Board: Keycard 206
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In the final room before Fajar, you will notice Keycard 206, sitting on a table as you walk in. This won't come into play until you tackle the fifth level, but it is also integral to unlocking the Private Room Door, which you will find in the same room behind a metal sheet and scaffolding. Interact with this door to add it to your Sifu Detective Board. 


Sifu Detective Board: Hongbao is found in a locked private room.
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The last collectible of The Squats level is Hongbao, which can be found once you've unlocked the Private Room Door. This of course means that you essentially have to complete the game before coming back with the new keys. 

Sifu Detective Board: The Club

Sifu Detective Board: The Club neon sign.
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The Club is next up for our Sifu Detective Board guide, and this level holds 16 collectibles, with three of those being keys. 

Finding Sean

Sifu Detective Board: Finding Sean
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This Sifu Detective's Board collectible is slightly more complicated to unlock. Firstly, take out the bodyguard at the entrance to The Club. Once you've entered speak to the person standing at the desk, selecting the "Sean?" prompt. He will alert two more guards. Defeat those guards and return to the desk, and you will get another chance to speak with him, and he will inform you that fighters need passes. 

Code Door/Access Door

Sifu Detective Board: The Code Door is left of the DJ and dance floor.
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After beating the fight on the dance floor, you will have the option to approach two doors. The one on the left of the dance floor is the Code Door, which will be locked, the other, the Access Door, is on the right and also locked. The Code Door won't be unlocked until you unlock the Club Code in The Museum. 

Disciple's Pass

Sifu Detective Board: One of Sean's Disciples
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Without access to unlock either door, you will have to face one of Sean's disciples. Once you have defeated him you will receive the Disciple's Pass, adding to your Sifu Detective Board collection, allowing you to go through the Access Door in a later run. 

The Tech Guy

Sifu Detective Board: The Tech Guy
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The Tech Guy collectible is quickly accessed through the Access Door (to the right of the dance floor) if you have the Disciple Key. Once through, take the stairs up to a room where you'll have to face enemies in luminous vest-tops. Defeat them and through the back you'll find The Tech Guy. Ask if he is friends with Sean, and it will be added to the board. 

Sean's Values

Sifu Detective Board: Sean's value's are seen on the walls of a street on fire.
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Right after your fight with one of the two tests (the enemy with the staff), you will enter a street on fire. There are writings on the wall, and if you interact with them, you will add this to the Detective Board. 

Fire Chest

Sifu Detective Board: A Fire Chest sits on a small table.
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In the same area as Sean's Values, you will head down a set of stairs where you will see a bar on fire. Jump over the counter and there is a locked Fire Chest. You will need the Fire Key to unlock it. 

Fire Key

Sifu Detective Board: Fire Key
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To collect the Fire Key, you must go through the Code Door, which is accessed from the dance floor. However, the code can only be obtained in The Museum mission. Once you have the code, head through a hallway where you must face two tougher enemies. Once you have defeated them you will be rewarded with the Fire Key. 

The Three Trials 

Sifu Detective Board: A guard tells you about the three trials.
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Entering a gym, which is marked by a woman stretching to your left, do not attack anyone. Instead, head up to a guard standing by the door, which will prompt a dialogue option. Select "Trails?", and The Three Trials collectible will be added to your Sifu Detective Board. This area has to be passed through so don't worry about missing it. 

Sean's Father

Sifu Detective Board: Sean's father in a picture.
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Return to the Fire Chest on another run after obtaining the Fire Key, and you will find the Sean's Father collectible. 

Hacker's Key

Sifu Detective Board: A hacker key used to get into a computer.
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To collect the Hacker's Key, you will have to try to interact with Jinfeng's computer in the fourth mission, The Tower. Once you have done that return to The Tech Guy in The Club. Now you have an additional dialogue option. Choose "Computer Access" and then "The Corporation", and he will gift you with the Hacker's Key.

Sifu Detective Board: The Museum

Sifu Detective Board: The Museum banner.
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The Museum is next up in our Sifu Detective Board collectible walkthrough. This level is home to 19 collectibles including three keys. 

Museum Map

Sifu Detective Board: A museum map can be found at this stall.
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Defeat the initial two guards and head up to the information stand to the left of the stairs. You will find the Museum Map here. 

Elevator/ Elevator Key

Sifu Detective Board: An elevator.
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Continue up the stairs and follow the path around until you find the elevator, which can be spotted for its water feature from the starting point of this mission. It is locked, and you must reach Kuroki by defeating blade-footed twins before you are rewarded with the Elevator Key, which will allow you to fast track to the boss. 

Exhibition: Identity

Sifu Detective Board: An exhibition entrance.
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Just before entering the first exhibit on the first floor, a small desk with pamphlets can be seen to the right. Here you will find the Exhibition: Identity pamphlet.  

Exhibition: Cycle

Sifu Detective Board: An exhibition entrance
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Similar to the last Sifu Detective Board collectible, the Exhibition: Cycle pamphlet can be found on a table just before you enter the exhibition on the second floor. 

Sean's Army

Sifu Detective Board: Sean's Army is rewarded by you beating these enemies.
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Entering the exhibit on the second floor you will come across the two tougher enemies, in a room full of colourful light bulbs. Encountering these enemies will add Sean's Army to your Sifu Detective Board. 

Exhibition: Twin

Sifu Detective Board: An exhibition entrance.
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Same as before, collect the Exhibition: Twins pamphlet before heading into the exhibit on the third floor. 

Stair Access

Sifu Detective Board: A balcony level.
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Before entering the third floor exhibit, turn to the left heading towards the toilets, and interact with a white gate, which will add the Stairway Access collectible to the Sifu Detective Board. 

Museum Keycard

Sifu Detective Board: A mini-boss in Sifu
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To collect the Museum Keycard, you will have to face a mini-boss at the last stage of the third floor. Upon his defeat, the Museum Keycard will be added to the board. 

Artist Residence Room / Family Photo 

Sifu Detective Board: a locked doorway.
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Head up to the fourth floor. Depending on which set of stairs you use, you will see the door enclosed by gates on either side, which leads to the Artist Resident Room. Go through the gates and approach the door. The door is initially locked, so you will have to collect the Artist's Key From The Tower in the next mission. Once you can get inside you will be able to collect the Family Photo. 

Sifu Detective Board: A painting sits in a dark room.
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Temporary Exhibition

Sifu Detective Board: Glass floats over a balcony.
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The Temporary Exhibition is one of the last exhibition collectible on The Museum level, and can be found on the table next to the Shrine, just before you jump over the railing into the water area. 

Club Code 

Sifu Detective Board: You face off against a woman with a staff.
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You will have to come back on another run for the Club Code, once you have collected the Museum Keycard off of the mini-boss. Instead of going through the exhibits, use the Keycard to take the stairs until you reach the third level. On your right you will notice a woman standing by a staff and a Strange Mask. Once you have defeated her, you will be rewarded with the Club Code, which you need to collect the Fire Key on The Club level. 

Strange Mask

Sifu Detective Board: A strange mask
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Upon defeating the woman for the Club Code, approach the Strange Mask that you found her by. You can collect this Strange Mask and add it to the Sifu Detective Board. 

Sifu Detective Board: The Tower

Sifu Detective Board: The Tower lobby.
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The Tower is the penultimate mission in Sifu and is home to 17 collectibles, including two keys. 

Art Auction

Sifu Detective Board: A small shelf holds some pamphlets.
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When you first load into the lobby, instead of heading into the elevator, go to the room on the left. You can find the Art Auction pamphlet on a table up at the wall. 


Sifu Detective Board: Two elevators.
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The Elevator is accessible from the lobby, but be sure to choose the one on the right instead of the left. The right one will be closed at first, but once you've collected the Elevator Key you can take it and skip through the office areas and go straight to The Rift. 

Jinfeng's Computer

Sifu Detective Board: Jinfeng's Computer
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Jinfeng's Computer can be found once you come out of the (left) elevator. Jinfeng will vanish along with her guards, then you'll need to defeat three more guards. Once that's done, approach the computer to add it to the Sifu Detective Board. Now, you can go back to The Club to receive the Hacker's Key from The Tech Guy. 

Jinfeng's Safe/ The Guardian's Vow

Sifu Detective Board: Jinfeng's safe.
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Once you've accessed Jinfeng's Computer for the second time, thanks to the Hacker's Key, Jinfeng's Safe will open on a wall to the right. This contains both the Artist's Key to unlock the Artist Resident Door in The Museum level, and The Guardian's Vow.

The Sanctuary

Sifu Detective Board: A sun icon appears on a screen.
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After dropping down a couple of floors and fighting through some enemies, you will come across a room of guards, where one is running through some last-minute training. Once you have defeated them a half-sun icon will appear on a screen. On a small cabinet beneath the screen you will find the pamphlet for The Sanctuary. 

The Rift

Sifu Detective Board: The Rift
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After a fight in the elevator shaft, you will descend into The Rift. Once you arrive the collectible will be added to the Sifu Detective Board. 

A Conspiracy/ Hui Su

Sifu Detective Board: A room full of plans.
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After fighting the mini-boss in The Rift, you will be automatically awarded with the Conspiracy collectible. This fight will also reward you with the Hui Su collectible from fighting with her. 

Elevator Key/ Sun Mei

Sifu Detective Board: Sun Mei is a mini-boss in Sifu
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You collect the Elevator Key after beating the second mini-boss in The Rift, Sun Mei, which will also act as another Sifu Detective Board collectible. You need to follow the paths after the first mini-boss before you reach her. The Elevator Key will allow you to use the Elevator in the main lobby, and skip straight to The Rift.

 Sifu Detective Board: The Sanctuary

Sifu Detective Board: The Sanctuary
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The Sanctuary is the last mission in Sifu and comes with 16 collectibles including three keys. 


Sifu Detective Board: A newspaper can be found in the lobby waiting area.
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The Newspaper can be found in the lobby area on the left. There will be two tables, one with a woman sitting at it and the other without. The one without will hold the Newspaper. 

Inner Garden Door

Sifu Detective Board: A door leading out to a garden.
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Immediately after leaving the lobby, you will see the Inner Garden Door right ahead. Approach it and interact with the door. It will be locked, but will be logged in the Sifu Detective Board. 

Room 206/ Fajar's Medical Report/ Flower Key

Sifu Detective Board: Room 206
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Room 206 is the hotel room, which you should have the Keycard 206 from The Squats level. Once you've left the lobby, head to the right through a small garden, and once you've entered the second indoor area, take the stairs to the first level. You will have to take out a Juggernaut. Take a left down the hall, you will find Room 206, which holds the Flower Key, and Fajar's Medical Report. The Flower Key can be used to open the Private Room Door in The Squats. 

Sifu Detective Board: The inside of room 206
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Aromatic Garden Door

Sifu Detective Board: A hallway leading to the Aromatic Garden Door.
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The Aromatic Garden Door can be found in the building after defeating the enemy training a bunch of students. You will follow through into a hallway, which has two doors. The larger double door is the Aromatic Garden Door, which will be locked when you interact with it, but will still be logged on the Sifu Detective Board. 

Aromatic Garden Key

Sifu Detective Board: An enemy approaches to fight.
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To find the key, take the smaller door in the same corridor as the Aromatic Garden Door. You must face off against two enemies, before progressing into the garden. Push on to the next building, where you will fight more enemies, who will eventually reward you with the Aromatic Garden Key.


Sifu Detective Board: A statue.
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Once you have made it to the stairs leading up to Yang's office, to the left of the stairs you will find the Statue in a small walled-off area. Approaching it and interacting will log it in the Sifu Detective Board. 


Sifu Detective Board: A guard approaches with a staff.
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Fighting your way up to Yang's office, you will come across one last guard with a staff. Beat him and you will be given the Keycard, which allows you to open the Inner Garden Door just after the lobby, and bypass most of the enemies in the level. 

Alchemist Vow

Sifu Detective Board: A cllectible can be found near one of the shrines.
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After beating the guard with the staff, you can find the Alchemist Vow in the first room of Yang's office building. You can find it on the table over from the Shrine. 

Yang's Flowers / The Tombs / The Five Values

Sifu Detective Board: The player will fight Yang.
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Yang's Flowers and The Tombs will be added to the Sifu Detective Board once you have defeated Yang. However, The Five Values is collected when you face Yang for the first time. 

Sacred Mountains

There is one last collectible that you will need to complete your Sifu Detective Board. The Sacred Mountains can only be attained by completing the Sifu secret ending. 

That's all of the collectibles you need to spot to fill up your Sifu Detective Board. Be sure to head over to our Sifu tips guide, so you can make the most of your collectibles hunt. 


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