Sifu Skills: 5 Skills You Need To Unlock Immediately

Sifu Skills: 5 Skills You Need To Unlock Immediately
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8th Feb 2022 15:15

As you take on endless waves of goons, you are going to want the best Sifu skills to bring your kung-fu mastery to a whole other level.

Sifu is proving challenging for players, with every bottle, chair, and skill needed to take on each of the five bosses. But with 24 skills to choose from, which do you pick first?

Well, we're answering that question here with our breakdown of the five best Sifu skills that you should be picking up as soon as you can. 

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Best Sifu Skills: Environmental Mastery

Sifu Skills: Environmental Mastery lets you throw nearby objects.
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Environmental Mastery is easily one of the best Sifu skills, as it can provide that small moment of respite, or the perfect opening to strike. With a quick tap of 'R1' on PlayStation 4/5, or 'R' on PC, you can throw environmental objects towards enemies. These can take the forms of bottles, staff, stools, knives, sticks, and bricks, potentially stunning and damaging enemies.

While not hugely damaging, it is a great way to very quickly incapacitate an enemy for a few valuable seconds. 

Best Sifu Skills: Slide Kicks / Strong Sweep Focus 

Sifu skills: the strong sweep focus attack.
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These next Sifu skills are all about dropping an enemy on their backside. While technically cheating to include two here, they function the same and are equally as useful. Slide kick allows you to run up and swipe enemies off their feet, leaving them open to a few ground punches and even some heavy hits once they stand back up.

This can be countered by some of those tougher enemies if not timed right, and that's where the Strong Sweep Focus comes in, as it is an unblockable attack that will work on any enemy. Save these for tougher enemies and bosses. 

Best Sifu Skills: Weapon Mastery

Sifu skills: holding a weapon against a large enemy.
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Weapons are an incredibly important part of the game, as they act as damage multipliers and can leave enemies open for attack if you throw one at them. However, their durability isn't the best.

You can, however, upgrade these to some degree thanks to the Shrines, but Weapons Mastery allows you to hold onto those weapons until they break completely. This can be especially useful in the later game when a baseball bat can take an enemy out in a few strikes. 

Best Sifu Skills: Ground Counter

Sifu skills: the ground counter lets you sweep enemies off their feet when you've fallen.
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The Ground Counter might not be used an awful lot, but when it is, it will almost certainly turn the tide of a losing battle. When landing on your back from taking too many blows, the Ground Counter allows you to parry any follow-up attacks, swiping enemies to the floor.

This is essential if you want to beat the second boss of the game, Sean, in The Club. 

Best Sifu Skills: Pushback Cancel

Sifu Skills: Pushback Cancel allows you to regain your balance quickly.
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The Pushback Cancel might seem like a boring selection for our best Sifu skills list, but it is incredibly important. This skill allows you to regain your balance after being knocked back. Losing your balance can be deadly with more aggressive enemies, and this skill ensures you are quickly regaining composure and are ready to block any incoming attacks or preferably start dealing out damage. 

You should be focusing on getting each of the best Sifu skills acquired as quickly as possible. If you are a little confused, however, by the upgrade process, you can check out our Sifu upgrades explained guide.  


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