Roblox Shirt ID codes & how to redeem them

Roblox Shirt ID codes & how to redeem them
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Dave McAdam

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15th Nov 2023 03:34

You may be playing your games in Roblox and thinking that you need some new shirts to make sure you look good all the time. Well, we've got a whole assortment of codes right here to give you all the shirt IDs that you could possibly want.

Whether you're playing Blox Fruits of Peroxide, you're going to need to make sure you look your absolute best while you're in your various Roblox worlds, and thankfully, the game has a whole host of fashion options and IDs to help you do just that.

All Roblox Shirt ID codes

Now, you can't say we don't treat you when it comes to these codes, because whether you want a simple black t-shirt or one with a particularly delicious-looking pizza slice on it, we've got all the codes you need right here:

Code Reward
1000417743 NIKE Black Croptop Brown Hair
994385090 SUPREME Supreme Hoodie Gold Rolex
5809687545 Halloween bloody cardigan
607785314 ROBLOX Jacket
7222664585 Black Shirt Emo y2k
7673098764 Industry Baby Scrubs Top – Lil
6876555875 y2k aesthetic girl vintage brandy melville cute ok
6554200369 Grey Suit w Black Vest
1210857662 Black Suit
6768438209 y2k vamp emo vintage
7212561213 Tokyo Emo Shirt y2k
7427983453 Bandito Army Jacket – Twenty
1821394 Black T
5042211670 purple cool crop-top
6959669630 brown jacket zip up cottage core
5714436978 Halloween Top
6706670643 Y2k Cute Vintage Aesthetic White
6709022132 Cool Electro Swag Rainbow
7519636609 Squid Game Tracksuit
398633584 Denim Jacket with White
6680903131 Beautiful shirt
6862266654 cottage core fairy vintage
3670737444 Roblox Shirt – Simple Pattern
5748563757 y2k girl halloween vamp
6781346864 Goth Vintage Aesthetic Girl
6170187890 y2k vamp girl vintage aesthetic
6553589977 White Suit w Black Vest
6468534886 emo grunge y2k vamp gyaru
4884516446 half tucked vintage tee
6548530197 White cute aesthetic top
5692395530 halloween cardigan spooky
7160723907 White Y2k Cute Vintage
7423698777 halloween baby tee
3599544679 Blue Galaxy Fade Vamp Emo
7551716737 The squid game Uniform soldier
6560709507 cute brandy mellville softie
6829670577 Sleepy Pajama Top – Zara
6985784163 graphic tee street wear skull
6748325601 White corset fairy top vintage
7029614546 Frog Collar Shirt Y2k Cute Vintage
6508725785 Black Cute aesthetic top
5826818826 Pumpkin Orange Halloween
5869851231 Cute Yellow Plaid Aesthetic
5134719820 AESTHETIC Black Sweater x
6471604155 Blue Supreme x LV t-shirt w
7547116846 SQUID GAME Saebyeok’s
6726897383 Black-red-champion-hoodie
144076358 Blue and Black Motorcycle Shirt
4924687704 Adidas Red Camo Split
6748392322 Baddie Tattoo Tank y2k
6419967375 hello kitty cardigan
7338884141 Bella Swan Twilight vamp
6680877688 Emo grunge y2k aesthetic black
3830132554 all black
6518213334 Grey Goth Y2k Cute Vintage
6492207261 Pink top w stripes
7211566453 Black Vest Vintage
6774208258 Cute vintage aesthetic blue
6382431722 Black top w/ White Stripes
5720629538 Black Pumpkin Top Stripes
5532806467 Black Aesthetic
398633584 Denim Jacket with White
4047884046 Guitar Tee with Black Jacket
4047884939 My Favorite Pizza Shirt

How to redeem Shirt ID codes

The code redemption screen to get shirt IDs in Roblox
Click to enlarge

Now that you've got a huge array of different styles to choose from in Roblox, you're going to need to know how to redeem all of them so you can start wearing them. Thankfully, it's just a few easy steps to follow, just as long as you have a Roblox account:

  • Add the number of your desired shirt above after this link: and paste it into your search bar
  • Use any of the active codes above to find the shirt you want
  • Press Get Now and you will have the corresponding item in your Roblox inventory

That rounds off our full list of Roblox Shirt ID codes, so that you can go about your Roblox games in style with a full inventory of new shirts. If you're looking for even more codes to use in your Roblox games, why not check out our guide on Blade Ball codes?

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