How To Access and Complete River Exe Quests In Valhalla

How To Access and Complete River Exe Quests In Valhalla
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18th Jan 2023 10:20

You may need an explanation for River Exe in Valhalla, as it's an important location for the River Raids mode, allowing you to collect some important gear and earn other loot. Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the third RPG in the AC series, and tells a story during the Viking expansion in the Early Middle Ages that spans across Norway, England, and America.

If you're done exploring the England landmass and want to take part in some River Raids, here's our River Exe Valhalla explanation, which covers everything you need to know about the area.

How To Access River Exe In Valhalla

How To Access River Exe In Valhalla
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River Exe is a contained location that can only be visited during the River Raids game mode, which was added in a patch after launch, and focuses around Eivor raiding locations with his longship.

Before you can take part in the River Raids game mode, you will need to complete the quest called A River to Raid in the Ravensthorpe settlement. You are tasked with building a dock, completing a tutorial on river raids, and constructing Jomsviking Hall.

Once all of the above is finished, speak to Vagn at the dock and tell him, "Let's go raiding." You can then select River Exe as the location to raid, and you are crew will be transported there in a longship.

River Exe Valhalla Collectibles

There are three main collectables that you'll need to find when exploring River Exe in Valhalla. These are River Exe Saint George's Clue, Saint George's Cape, and Saint George's Tower Shield.

Collecting the clue is an important part of finishing The Legacy of Saint George quest and unlocking the River Dee location, where you can collect more pieces of Saint George's armour. Here are the collectable locations.

River Exe Saint George's Clue

River Exe Saint George's Clue
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To the clue in the River Exe map, you will need to head toward the Escanceaster Monastery on the east portion of the map. If you approach the area, you will see a church on the left side of the monastery proper, where you can find the clue on a table inside.

Saint George's Cape and Saint George's Tower Shield

River Exe Saint George's shield and cape
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Both pieces of Saint George's armour in the River Exe map will be found in one of the three military fortifications. The locations of both items are randomised, but you won't find both of them in the same place. This means you will need to explore the Eastern Fortification, the Western Fortification, and the Fortress on the Exe to find both pieces.

That's our River Exe Valhalla explainer, and now you know how to access this place through the River Raids mode, along with where to find the three key collectables.

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