All Realm Royale codes for free sprays, emotes & more

All Realm Royale codes for free sprays, emotes & more
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Realm Royale codes are a great way to get your hands on some free loot. We've got a full list of them in this guide, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough on redeeming them.

Realm Royale is a third-person shooter battle royale where players use different characters with all kinds of abilities. The goal is to be the last man or team standing in the lobby. If you're an avid player, you'll definitely want to read on to check out all the codes that are currently available!

Realm Royale codes

Here's what you're looking for: a full list of Realm Royale codes. These codes can be used to unlock all kinds of free rewards, including emotes, sprays, and all sorts of other goodies. 

  • OB22005A1791001 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • OB2200659391001 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • OB2200667491001 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • OB22007D2A91001 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • OB2200E7AC91001 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • OB22016C6791001 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • RRSWP0053B390821 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • RRSWP00960F90821 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • RRSWP0134A690821 – Redeem for Screamin’ Weenie
  • OB22A100678291001 – Redeem for Alpha 1 Warrior
  • OB22A100ACFF91001 – Redeem for Alpha 1 Warrior
  • OB22A101B00091001 – Redeem for 1 Warrior
  • OB22A101DB0291001 – Redeem for Alpha 1 Warrior
  • OB22A102A94E91001 – Redeem for Alpha 1 Warrior
  • OB22A10335EB91001 – Redeem for Alpha 1 Warrior
  • OB22EE00751791001 – Redeem for Ember Emu
  • OB22EE00D42691001 – Redeem for Ember Emu
  • OB22EE01330391001 – Redeem for Ember Emu
  • OB22EE02599D91001 – Redeem for Ember Emu
  • OB22EE026F8691001 – Redeem for Ember Emu
  • OB22EE02B6AD91001 – Redeem for Ember Emu
  • RHRXBE00610691111 – Redeem for HRX Bundle
  • RHRXBE00690C91111 – Redeem for HRX Bundle
  • RHRXBE00A0AE91111 – Redeem for HRX Bundle
  • RRAN016870E590327 – Redeem for Anarchist Assassin
  • RRBDE0009A1E90620 – Redeem for Breakdance Emote
  • RRBDE006D42790620 – Redeem for Breakdance Emote
  • RRBDE009E20890620 – Redeem for Breakdance Emote
  • RRBDE00B10E790620 – Redeem for Breakdance Emote
  • RRBDE00E2D6390620 – Redeem for Breakdance Emote
  • RRBEE002ED5790620 – Redeem for Bad Egg Spray
  • RRBEE003B0E290620 – Redeem for Bad Egg Spray
  • RRBEE00B81CE90620 – Redeem for Bad Egg Spray
  • RRBEE010DC0090620 – Redeem for Bad Egg Spray
  • RRBEE014EE5990620 – Redeem for Bad Egg Spray
  • RRBEE018369090620 – Redeem for Bad Egg Spray
  • RRFK0E71994890228 – Redeem for Forgefire Knight
  • RRFK0E9C902590228 – Redeem for Forgefire Knight
  • RRFK0EA1426690228 – Redeem for Forgefire Knight
  • RRFZP015B8890821 – Redeem for Fuzzy Bundle
  • RRRW0460A26890228 – Redeem for Ride the Wave
  • RRRW0499FC8E90228 – Redeem for Ride the Wave
  • RRRW0543032690228 – Redeem for Ride the Wave
  • RRWDP002F6A90821 – Redeem for Waddles
  • RRWDP0167F890821 – Redeem for Waddles
  • RRWDP0194A190821 – Redeem for Waddles
  • RRWDP01D10190821 – Redeem for Waddles
  • RRWDP01E95C90821 – Redeem for Waddles

I wasn't able to test all of these codes, so bear that in mind when trying to redeem them as they may not all work. If we learn that any of these codes have expired we'll update this list.

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How to redeem Realm Royale codes

The interface for redeeming codes in Realm Royale.
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You can follow the steps below to easily redeem all the loot from our list of codes:

  • Launch the game
  • Go to the Armory menu from the main menu
  • Click on Redeem A Code
  • Copy and paste one of the codes from the list above into the empty text box
  • Click Submit to claim your free rewards

That's it! Now you can redeem all the codes currently available and get your hands on some nice free rewards in-game.

For more codes, be sure to check out our homepage. Or take a look at these codes for Party Animals here for more free stuff!

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