How To Get Greninja In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

How To Get Greninja In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
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1st Feb 2023 13:46

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be filled to the brim with Pokemon for you to catch, but sometimes that’s not enough. Despite the hundreds available in the game, sometimes your favourite has missed the mark and hasn’t been added, or others require a bit more work to track down.

One of the most requested is Greninja - a generation six Pokemon that quickly became a fan favourite. If you’ve been spending your time trying to find one but failed to do so, here is how to get Greninja in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How To Get Greninja In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

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Firstly, it’s important to note you can’t get Greninja via traditional means. You won’t find them when you’re out exploring the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t get Greninja at all. 

While Greninja may not be part of the initial Pokemon Scarlet and Violet roster, post-launch content has added the ability to capture them. A 7-Star Tera Raid event allows players to fight against Greninja and gain the ability to get them.

One of these events ran in January, which has now passed, but another is set to take place from February 10th until the 12th. During this window, players can participate in a challenging fight against Greninja. We also have the best Vaporeon build you can use to win against this raid.

Before players can tackle a 7-Star Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they will need to unlock the 6-Star raids. This can be done by completing the game, conquering the Academy Ace Tournament, and completing a variety of raids.

If you’re finding this to be particularly challenging, then don’t worry, there is another way to get Geninja in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you know somebody else who has captured one, they can breed one by using a Ditto. 

To do so, Greninja and Ditto need to be the only two Pokemon in their party and they’ll need to host a picnic. When done, pick up the eggs around the table and then walk with them to your party. After a while, a Froakie will hatch which can eventually be evolved into Greninja.

It’s not the easiest one to capture in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, however, Greninja’s strength and moves more than makeup for the effort needed to capture them.

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