What does RAP mean in Pet Simulator X?

What does RAP mean in Pet Simulator X?
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Daniel Hollis


24th Mar 2023 16:33

With so many Roblox games coming out on a weekly basis, it can be a tough job keeping up to date with everything it has to offer. From simulators to full-blown first-person shooters - there’s a staggering amount of content that can be overwhelming.

The fact that Roblox has so many titles that players are dipping in and out of means that remembering the terminology in certain games can be easily forgotten. If you’ve skipped out on a game for a few weeks and come back, you may find it hard to remember what was going on. Additionally, newcomers may also have trouble grasping what’s going on.

One offender is Pet Simulator X, which expects players to know what RAP means within the game. If you’ve been playing the game and are finding yourself scratching your head at its meaning, here is exactly what RAP means in Pet Simulator X.

What does RAP mean in Pet Simulator X?

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Pet Simulator X is incredibly popular on Roblox, but that doesn’t mean it has some confusing elements. If you’ve jumped into the game and glanced over the leaderboard, you may have noticed a term known as RAP. Unfortunately, the game does very little to explain what this actually is.

In basic terms, RAP stands for Recent Auction Prices. This allows players to see what the most recent prices pets have sold for on the market, helping them allocate a figure to their own that they’re wishing to trade.

As for what RAP means for you on the leaderboard, it’s a figure which is placed based on the pets that you own. If you have rarer pets, you’re more likely to have a higher RAP figure in Pet Simulator X. While it doesn’t affect the game in any way, it’s perfect for bragging rights, as it allows you to proudly display your collection in an interesting way.

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