Who is NICKMERCS' Wife? Everything we know about Emumita Bonita

Who is NICKMERCS' Wife? Everything we know about Emumita Bonita

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Tom Chapman


7th Jul 2021 14:47

Being married to Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff is guaranteed to come with its pros and cons, but we're sure there are plenty of people out there who would love to be the other half of the superstar streamer.

We've already covered everything we know about NICKMERCS, his age, where he got his start, and what he's worth, but what about his wife? If you're ready, here's your 101 on Emumita Bonita, aka Mrs. NICKMERCS.

How old is Emumita Bonita?

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Emumita Bonita was born on November 26, 1991. At the time of writing, she's 29 years old. 

What is Emumita Bonita's relationship status?

Emumita Bonita is married to Nick Kolcheff - who frequently shares pictures of the pair together. In July 2019, NICKMERCS announced they were engaged via Twitter, while a wedding followed on October 10, 2020, at the Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City, Michigan.

NICKMERCS refers to Emumita as "Emu" and wedding photographers called her "Rio", however, her real name is unknown. It has become a mystery among fans, with many speculating he hasn't revealed her real name to protect her identity. 

Where does Emumita Bonita live?

Emumita Bonita lives with NICKMERCS in South Florida, USA.

Is Emumita Bonita on social media?

Keeping with her mysterious background, it's unclear whether Emumita Bonita is on social media. Even if her and NICKMERCS' pets have Instagram, fans haven't been able to track her down yet. The same goes with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, with Emumita Bonita presumably just being a pet name. 

Does Emumita Bonita have any pets?

NICKMERCS and Emumita Bonita have a seal point Siamese cat called Kai and two Golden Retriever/Labrador crosses called Joe and Jackson. All three have their own Instagram.

It turns out Emumita Bonita has a thing for chickens. When NICKMERCS was planning his wedding in 2019, he explained how he'd been scouting locations. Apparently, Emumita Bonita was blown away by the Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City because it had chickens and alpacas. If only they had a Fortnite Loot Llama.

What games does Emumita Bonita play?

Although Emumita Bonita is yet to step onto the streaming scene with her own channel, she's known as a supporter of NICKMERCS. As well as watching streams, Emumita Bonita has occasionally helped her husband play. In October 2020, NICKMERCS said he allowed Emu to pick his entire class

NICKMERCS admitted, "She watches a lot of my streams, but truth be told, she really has no idea what's going on when it comes to Warzone...So, we kind of knew this one would be interesting". Don't expect Emumita Bonita to be jumping into Verdansk anytime soon. 

Emumita Bonita picking NICKMERCS' Warzone loadout was so popular, the pair reunited for a second stream in April 2021. Safe to say, she did a little better this time around. NICKMERCS' massive 5.8 million Twitch followers, 3.95 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.9 million Twitter followers love seeing Emumita Bonita.

One fan wrote, "Keep the wifey videos coming we love them!” while another added, “MORE EMU CONTENT!! So my gf doesn’t get bored watching”. Who knows, maybe Emumita Bonita could be the next FaZe Clan member? We know NICMERCS probably has the power to get her in.


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