All My Summer Car cheat codes

All My Summer Car cheat codes
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We all love going wild with cheats codes in video games, and thankfully My Summer Car allows you to use them for unlocking vehicles, activating god mode, and much more. 

My Summer Car is a vehicle lovers dream, allowing you to build, fix, tune, and maintain a range of cars, with all the minute details you'd expect of a simulator like this. However, if you want to experiment a little or pull the training wheels off, check out what cheat codes you can use.

All My Summer Car cheat codes

Here is every available cheat code in the game and the effect it has:

Code Effect
ARVO Enable the Arvo-Algotson combine harvester
COLL Toggle extra tree colliders
CLIP Toggle noclip mode
DATA Perform car debug
DATE* Change the day of week
DRAG Teleport to the airfield
ENDI Show the ending of the game
FARM Teleport to Farm
HEMO Teleport to Home
JAIL Teleport to jail
KEKE Enable god mode
KESA Teleport to the theatre
KEYS Get keys to all of the vehicles
KILL Removes Satsuma from the game world
LEFA Teleport to Fleetari Repair Shop
MANS Teleport to the mansion
MOKK Teleport to the cottage island
MUMM Teleport to the Sirkka’s house
OCCL Toggle occlusion culling
PASK Teleport to the wastewater treatment plant
PIGG Teleport to the ventti house
POOR* Add money
PORO Add power to the Ferndale
RALL Teleport to dirt road near Teimo’s house
RBED Get sleep
RCAR Move the Satsuma back home
RTRA Move the tractor back home
RVAN Move the van back home
SALE Teleport to Teimo’s shop
SEIV Save the game
SHIT Fill Gifu’s septic tank
SOBE Set drunkenness to zero
TANS Teleport to the dance pavilion
TIME* Change time
WEAR Remove part wear
WEAT Change the weather

How to use My Summer Car cheat codes

My Summer Car Cheat Codes
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To utilise your cheats and customise the experience, you'll need to learn the process for using them. Follow these steps below to get going:

  • Pause the game
  • Select 'Options' from the menu
  • Press 'Console'
  • Type the cheat code into the text box
  • Hit the Enter key

The cheat effects will activate instantly after you use a code.

Check out our codes homepage for more guides like this. We've also covered the cheat codes for MX vs ATV Legends and LEGO Harry Potter Collection.

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