Where to find & how to defeat a Warlord in MW3 Zombies

Where to find & how to defeat a Warlord in MW3 Zombies
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Out of all the different activities you can get into in MW3 Zombies, finding and defeating a Warlord should be a top priority for most Operators.

Slaying a Warlord is how you acquire a variety of unique rewards in Modern Warfare 3's Zombies Mode, plus it's a requisite of the Act 3 Tier 3 Storm the Castle Mission and the Conqueror and Blitzkrieg Achievements.

This primer details where to find a Warlord and tips for defeating one of the game's toughest foes, a Warlord.

Where to find a Warlord

The Warlord, Legacy, is at Legacy's Fortress
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You can find a Warlord inside Legacy's Fortress, but breaching this high-security fort won't be easy.

First off, you need a Mercenary Stronghold Key. You can get a Mercenary Stronghold Key by clearing a Mercenary Camp or purchasing it at a By Station for 2,000 Essence.

Next, it's time to bust into a Mercenary Stronghold. If you want access to Legacy's Fortress, where the Warlord resides, you must eliminate the foes in a Mercenary Stronghold and loot the Legacy Fortress Key from the Safe.

Once you get your hands on a Legacy Fortress Key, travel to Legacy's Fortress. Legacy's Fortress sits between Levin Resort and Popov Power, just inside the Medium-Threat Zone.

How to defeat a Warlord

Fighting a Warlord in MW3 Zombies
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Legacy's Fortress is overrun with mercenaries outside and inside, so be ready for a challenging battle! The Warlord even employs an Attack Helicopter that hovers above the fortress, ready to bombard any Operators that dare enter his territory.

Before encroaching on Legacy's Fortress, try to come equipped with a Three-Plate Armour Vest, some decent weapons, and plenty of supplies. Better yet, grab a few friends to help you take on the Warlord! No matter how well you prepare, besting a Warlord and his associates is no simple task.

After you clear a path into Legacy's Fortress, approach the Security Office in the centre of the compound and unlock it with the Fortress Keycard - Legacy. This building contains more mercenaries, along with an assortment of traps and decoys. Slay Legacy's comrades, avoid the traps whenever possible, and proceed to the second floor of the building, where you'll encounter the Warlord, Legacy, hiding behind some file cabinets.

Unlike other bosses like Megabombs, Warlords are relatively easy to defeat. The hard part is fighting through all their mercenary buddies and getting to the Warlord! Put a few bullets in him, and the Warlord should go down without much of a fight.

From start to finish, defeating a Warlord in MW3 Zombies could span an entire deployment. Try to work as fast as possible and maintain a steady pace to give yourself enough time to find and kill the Warlord.

Rewards for defeating a Warlord?

Unlocking the Conqueror Achievement in MW3 Zombies
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While killing a Warlord in MW3 Zombies is a tall order, the rewards you get for pulling it off make it all worth it. First off, the moment you execute a Warlord, you'll get the Conqueror Achievement. And if you can somehow manage to defeat the Warlord within the first seven minutes of the match, you'll complete the in-game challenge, Blitzkrieg.

As for loot, the Warlord drops high-tier loot, such as the Tactical Negotiator Shotgun, Three-Plate Armour Vests, and the Juggernaut Killstreak. If you're lucky, you can even get Wonder Weapons like the Scorcher and Ray Gun! There's also a Reward Rift that'll pop up in the next room over from where you slay the Warlord, which contains additional goodies.

Last, but not least, if you're on the Act 3 Tier 3 Storm the Castle Mission, the Warlord will drop Strauss’s Research.

Whether you're after a Warlord to get an achievement, complete a mission, or just want their loot, you can find the Warlord, Legacy, in Legacy's Fortress. You'll need a Legacy Fortress Key to enter the building where Legacy is lying low, but once you're inside, it's simply a matter of outlasting the plethora of mercenaries and traps defending the Warlord.

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