Where to find Megabombs in MW3 Zombies & how to defeat them

Where to find Megabombs in MW3 Zombies & how to defeat them
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27th Nov 2023 11:42


Megabombs, also known as Mega Abominations, are probably the toughest and most frightening foes in MW3 Zombies. If you're playing Zombies in Modern Warfare 3 and one of these boss-like creatures catches you by surprise, your chances of survival are next to nil.

This guide details where to find Megabombs, tips and tricks for defeating Mega Abominations, and what you get for besting one of these beasts in the game's brand-new Zombies Mode.

Where to find Megabombs in MW3 Zombies

A map with Megabomb locations in MW3 Zombies
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As you'd probably expect, Megabombs are exclusive to the High-Threat Zone. More specifically, you can always find a Megabomb at Amara Riverside near the bridge that links Old Town and the High-Threat Zone to Zaravan City and the Medium-Threat Zone.

Due to their size, Mega Abominations are pretty easy to pick out if you're searching in the right spot!

How to defeat Megabombs

A Megabomb charging an Operator in MW3 Zombies
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Defeating a Megabomb is no simple task, so you'll need to prepare and strategise appropriately. Consider implementing the following tips and tricks in your plan to mow down a Megabomb:

Form a Squad

Challenging a Megabomb alone is a death sentence for all but the most well-equipped and practised Operators. You can enter Urzikstan with up to two friends, but if you find some friendly Operators on your hunt for a Megabomb, you can invite them to your squad mid-game and take on the Mega Abomination with up to six total players!

Stock up on supplies and high-level equipment

Your gear makes all the difference in a fight with a Megabomb. While you should obviously utilise high-rarity weapons and Pack-A-Punch your guns to Level 3, the equipment listed below is exceptionally useful against Megabombs: 

Target its weak points

Throughout your encounter with a Megabomb, the fiend will occasionally open one of its three mouths and fire off devastating purple laser beams at you and your allies. To counter this, you can unload bullets and explosives into the Megabomb's glowing jaws to neutralise its laser attacks and stun it. Furthermore, direct hits to these weak points deal critical damage!

Lure it to the Medium-Threat Zone

Triumphing over a Megabomb is a gruelling feat, but it's made easier if you can lure the Megabomb into the Medium-Threat Zone. While Megabombs reside in the High-Threat Zone, you can coax the brutes into chasing you across the bridge at Amara Riverside back into the Medium-Threat Zone. Here, there won't be as many zombies to help the Mega Abomination, and the ones that do attack you will be weaker.

What do you get for defeating a Megabomb?

Operators taking cover from a Megabomb in MW3 Zombies
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Slaying a Megabomb is surprisingly unrewarding if it's not part of an active Mission or Contract. You'll get some Essence but nothing else noteworthy. However, if you have a Bounty Contract to kill a Megabomb, or you're on the Most Firepower Mission and need to slaughter a Megabomb with a Level III Pack-A-Punched weapon, there's a real incentive to hunt a Mega Abomination!

Killing a Megabomb as part of a Bounty Contract is one of the few ways to get the Ray Gun Schematic and craft the most high-powered and well-known weapon in the history of Call of Duty Zombies.

When you get to Act III: Confrontation, you'll receive a mission titled More Firepower that tasks you with killing a Megabomb with a Level III Pack-A-Punched weapon. If you can manage to finish a Megabomb off with a shot from your maxed-out weapon and finish the assignment, you'll receive the Carnage Charm and 2,500 XP.

Mega Abominations live up to their name! Plot your assault carefully before confronting a Megabomb in MW3 Zombies. If you're well prepared, though, killing one of these three-headed Cerberus-like monstrosities is nothing you can't handle.

Now that you know how to defeat Megabombs, make sure you check out our Call of Duty homepage regularly for more MW3 Zombies content!

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