How to get Double Kills in MW2

How to get Double Kills in MW2
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27th Mar 2023 14:01

Want to know the best way to get Double Kills in MW2? Double Kills are critical to completing a significant number of challenges in Modern Warfare 2. So, if you want to unlock all the weapons and camos, you will need to know how to get Double Kills in MW2.

What counts as Double Kills in MW2?

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Double Kills in MW2 are classified as two kills within precisely three seconds of one another in a game. When you successfully get a Double Kill, a notification will pop up on the screen, and you'll earn 110 XP.

Note that kills on AI Operators in Invasion and Ground War do not count toward Double Kills.

How to get Double Kills in MW2

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There are a few tried and true strategies to get easy Double Kills in MW2. For starters, securing Double Kills is a lot smoother on smaller, compact maps where encounters with enemy players are more prevalent. With that, the Shoot the Ship playlist is ideal for Double Kills.

Going further, Double Kills are undoubtedly easier to pull off in Hardcore Mode. In Hardcore, opponents die in a shot or two, making Double Kills a breeze.

Last but not least, designing a loadout specifically for achieving Double Kills can go a long way. For example, tacking an Extended Magazine on your gun could be the difference between having or not having enough ammunition to finish a second enemy.

How to fix the Double Kills not counting bug in MW2

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Countless Camo Challenges and Weapon Unlock Challenges in MW2 require you to get Double Kills as part of their requirements. The problem is, sometimes you'll run into a bug where your Double Kills appear not to count.

Thankfully, you need not worry, as this is only a visual bug. Even if it looks like your Double Kills aren't counting, your progress is still being tracked behind the scenes.

Getting Double Kills in MW2 can be frustrating, especially with certain weapons and the fact that Double Kills don't always track properly. But with the right tactics, you can rack up Double Kills relatively easily and complete all the necessary Camo Challenges and Weapon Unlock Challenges!

The bonus XP from Double Kills will help you reach the MW2 max rank.

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