How to complete Kastov Weapons Testing MW2 DMZ

How to complete Kastov Weapons Testing MW2 DMZ
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20th Mar 2023 13:39

You will need to know how to complete the Kastov Weapons Testing mission in MW2 DMZ, as it requires some involved tasks that will have you killing a mix of AI enemies and real players with specific weapons. 

The Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode has drawn a lot of players since the game launched in late 2022, and the success has seen Activision add even more features and missions in the second season. If you want to complete missions for the newly added Crown faction, check out how to complete Kastov Weapons Testing in MW2 DMZ.

How to complete Kastov Weapons Testing MW2 DMZ

How to complete Kastov Weapons Testing MW2 DMZ
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The MW2 DMZ Kastov Weapons Testing mission is a tier two Crown faction mission which comes with the following three objectives: kill 15 enemies with headshots with the Kastov platform of weapons, kill two operators with the Kastov platform of weapons, and kill one commander with the Kastov platform of weapons.

All the objectives are straightforward and should be simple enough if you play COD regularly, and you don't need to do them all during one deployment, which makes the task a bit easier.

Due to all objectives requiring you to use the Kastov platform of weapons, you may want to know which guns come under this. Here's a list of Kastov weapons:

  • Kastov 762 (assault rifle)
  • Kastov 545 (assault rifle)
  • Kastov-74u (assault rifle)
  • RPK (LMG)
  • Vaznev-9k (SMG)
  • Minibak (SMG)

How to complete Kastov Weapons Testing MW2 DMZ
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We recommend using the Kastov 762 or RPK weapons for this challenge, as they are both strong at range, and can be kitted out with big mags to make the tasks easier. 

For the first objective to get 15 headshots on AI enemies, we recommend spawning in and heading to a POI or Stronghold, as you can find tonnes of enemies in these locations. Take your time and try to go for headshots only, and you'll quickly complete this objective.

For the second objective to kill two Operators, it's a good idea to take Squad Hunt contracts, as this will direct you toward enemy players. Make sure to try and get the drop on any player you are aiming to kill, as it gives you a good chance to kill them before they can even respond.

For the final objective, you'll need to kill a commander. There are three commanders, the Chemist, Juggernaut, and Boss Chopper, which are marked on the map by a hazard symbol, a yellow question mark symbol, and a white skull icon respectively.

Heading toward any of these locations will cause the commander to appear. They are some of the toughest fights in DMZ, so make sure you prepare beforehand by getting as much armour, equipment, and health as you can.

Once you have completed all three tasks, you can exfiltrate and the mission will be marked as finished in the mission menu, awarding you with XP and a weapon blueprint.

That's all for our explainer of how to complete Kastov Weapons Training in MW2 DMZ, and now you know how to complete all three objectives for the mission.

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